On Tuesday, while introducing his national security team to the country, Biden made certain remarks that are forcing Americans to reassess if voting for him was the right call.

Three lies in one go is a new record for the former vice president. Although some would term these lies as overstatement or a demonstration of optimism, others aren’t as naive.

Although Trump threatened world peace on several occasions, but, to say that “America is back” implies that the country was previously removed from its position of power.

If it weren’t for Trump, how would one explain the extinction of ISIS? If America had left the world stage back in 2017 as Biden asserts, how is Israel signing agreements with the Arab nations?

Biden’s claim of being “ready to lead,” is simply ignorant. Given the history of Democrats, no recent Democratic administration should be making such statements. Apart from unsuccessful appeasement attempts towards Islamist fascism; environmental accords endangering the economy; unfulfilled promises to save lives on the “red line”, what have leaders like Obama ever done?

Obama’s administration witnessed the lawless state of Libya fuelling a refugee attack on Europe. It saw Russia vengefully redrawing the map of Europe and China becoming increasingly aggressive.

Perhaps the only real achievement during Obama’s tenure was the assassination of Osama Bin Laden in 2010 – which Biden had opposed.

How can a man who served alongside Obama during his years of incompetence promise “not to retreat” when that is all he did? Instead of confronting more pressing issues, they hid behind climate-change agreements and the legalization of homosexual marriages.

Luckily, Biden’s candidacy will be faced with a lesser democratic majority in the House of Representatives. There might just be a potential Republican Senate, depending on the awaited runoff elections in Georgia.

Biden has been criticized by political opponents such as Sen. Rubio who took to Twitter to mock Biden’s selection of cabinet members. Similarly, Sen. Cotton remembered Robert Gates for saying that Biden had integrity, but his foreign policy and national security have been completely flawed.

The election results remain pending; however, Biden has pretty much already won.

The bitter truth is Trump was much better for the US than Biden will ever be. A man who has stood by his defective policies for 40 years is unlikely to change now.