WASHINGTON  – The US president Joe Biden’s plans to ultimately put the country on the way to confront ‘climate change’ seem to be crashing into a voting year scramble to minimize ‘lower gas prices and show sizeable economic progress to his voters.’

“President Biden’s ambitions to finally put the U.S. on the path to confront climate change are crashing into an election-year scramble to lower gas prices,” NBC News Tweeted.

While eco-activists celebrate Earth Day on Friday, Joe Biden’s administration attempted to thread a needle, saying that we can still pursue a climate-friendly feature while keeping the gas prices low.

 Meanwhile, news outlets Tweet, “Joe Biden’s lack of significant progress on climate action casts a shadow over his second Earth Day as president.”

As the mid-term elections are just around the corner, Biden Administration is desperate to put all their energy into lowering the gas prices as it is the most prominent indicator of economic health. However, doing so means increasing overall gas production globally, just when his administration is weaning the country off natural fuels.

Moreover, the administration is working more progressively on public works projects, including new roads and bridges, to show their $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill delivering. That said, this week, the administration reinstated the policies requiring massive infrastructure projects to go through complex reviews for climate and environmental effects before initiating the demonstration, a step that could significantly delay the projects.

On the flip side, Joe Biden urges countries to stop purchasing Russian gas and oils while his administration starve Moscow of the immediate funds it required to wage its ‘unprovoked’ war against Ukraine.

Earlier the Biden administration has green signaled to export US gasoline to most of the Europe countries, which requires a costly investment in new export terminals which will probably stay in use for years – even after the current crisis.