Villanelle was a watershed moment in Jodie Comer’s career, setting the bar high for all of her upcoming roles.

Jodie Comer feels that her role as “Killing Eve” has “Set the bar” in terms of her professional development.

The actress, who sprang to fame in the character of Villanelle, is now on the lookout for roles that would push her and test her abilities.

She shared with Bella magazine: “Playing Villanelle stretched me out of my comfort zone in so many ways, that now when I look at roles, I think about what the challenge is.

“She really gave me that, the show has set the bar for me.

“Playing her, you have to be a bit fearless and do silly things. It would look silly if you didn’t commit to it.”

Also, the actress feels that she has discovered her voice in the programme.

She explained: “It’s also the first show I’ve been a part of for this length of time.

“Just seeing the same people every year and realizing the level of teamwork that takes place to make sure it feels like the same show, even though there are so many moving parts.

“I also found my voice being a part of this show because the producers have always encouraged me to speak up. I’ve found my instincts, I’m not shy about suggesting things.”

It’s a “bittersweet” time for Jodie, who has played Villanelle for four seasons on the thriller series, as she bids goodbye.

She said: “It felt bittersweet.

“I’d already asked for a clapperboard – I asked for that on day one!

“We wanted to stay true to the characters and hopefully give people a satisfying ending.

“It’s sad to think that we’re not all going to be coming back next year, as I always rely on that comfort. I’m also a big believer in leaving something while it’s good. It’s a bold decision to say, ‘This is it!'”