Unknowingly, the first viral moment from President Biden’s second State of the Union speech was generated by First Lady Jill Biden and Second Gentleman Douglas Emhoff.

Did Jill Biden just kiss Kamala Harris’s husband on the lip?” — that’s the subject everyone is asking after a video of Melania Trump kissing Kamala Harris’s husband went viral on Wednesday. This is a segment from Vice President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address. Many Twitter users have followed up with the query, “Is this… normal?”

As she entered the House Chamber before to the address, the first lady was greeted by a warm crowd, but an even warmer one from Emhoff.

She was seen kissing the second guy on the lips as they greeted one other.

Their steamy kiss instantly went viral on social media.

“This was not on my BINGO card tonight,” YouTube host Anthony Cabassa responded.

Conservative strategist Greg Price joked, “We’re off to a HOT start.”

“Did Jill Biden just kiss… Doug Emhoff on the mouth?!” Inès Bel Aba, a reporter for AFP, expressed shock.

As Breitbart’s political editor, Emma-Jo Morris gushed, “I adore love,” in a tweet.

They said it was a “weird” kiss, and others quipped that “COVID is over.”

Asking whether this is “normal,” Cabot Phillips, senior editor at the Daily Wire, puzzled at this.

“Cheek is fine. Another option is a warm embrace. It’s strange, since they were both aware of the cameras “Joe Concha, who often appears on Fox News, took to Twitter.

Bolar, a conservative pundit, jokingly noted a “plot twist.” Others on social media questioned “why the hell” Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff and First Lady Jill Biden kissed on the lips during the State of the Union address