Clashes broke out between opponents and supporters of the US President Donald Trump. A Jews for Trump rally comprising of many vehicles, carrying banners and Trump 2020 flags passed through Manhattan and Brooklyn. The event happened on the evening of Sunday.

The procession was planned as an election campaign for President Trump, who is contesting again for the White House against strong opponent Joe Biden.

The vehicles aired Trump’s speeches on a loudspeaker, along with traditional Jewish music and many famous slogans commonly used by Trump supporters.

According to a viral video on Twitter, the cars were egged and flags were snatched from them. People hurled insults at them.

Another video shows an actual fight. A policeman had to detain an individual as the conflict got physically violent. A group of people was also seen throwing stuff at the cars that were supporting Trump for President.

Rudy Giuliani, the president’s private lawyer also stopped to greet the Trump supporters. The cars passed through Times Square and people can be seen in a video recorded by an individual present on scene yelling at them and recording their protests.

The insults got loud to the point where several Trump supporters got out of their cars and started to abuse them back.

New York Police reported that seven people had been arrested in the brawl that broke out in Times Square. The police refused to share whether the people arrested were Trump supporters or opponents.

A report by Fox News said that a family of seven had been attacked by an anti-Trump activist. The family was sprayed with pepper.

The rally was held to protest against the rising cases of coronavirus in heavily populated Jew areas and to show support for Trump.