Jessica has a grave “issue” with the people who criticize women for having bundles of clothes and shoes.

The star of ‘’The Eyes of Tammy Faye‘ insisted that if a woman wants to look beautiful and express herself with a variety of garments and footwear or have pounds of make-up, then they should not be judged!

Every woman has a right to look beautiful and if she feels that having different colours of clothes and footwear will make her look confidently beautiful then there is nothing wrong in that! She can wear anything without being judged.

In an interview with the autumn issue of L’Officiel magazine she exclaimed that: “I do have an issue with people blaming women for having a tonne of shoes, or too many clothes — come on.

In addition, she further explained that, “if a person wants to look beautiful then let it be! Let them look fabulous, let them express themselves”. Even if they wanna wear wigs, then let them do it and stop judging them!

She herself is a fashion diva and has another level of glam as a form of self-expression.

The Hollywood star also admitted that she feels herself as a very different kind of woman because she loves fashion. She further highlighted that, “I love fashion because – and this is a strange thing to say – I’m very sensitive, and I can get overstimulated.”

“I don’t know how to describe it, but each outfit that I have the opportunity to wear makes me feel like a different kind of woman.”

In addition, Jessica also asked women to stop apologizing for everything. She urged them to feel confident and feel free to wear anything she wants.