Jessica Chastain and Penelope Cruz recall a fan moment on “The Late Late Show” with Meryl Streep!

During their appearance on the famous, The Late Late Show on Wednesday, Jessica Chastain and Penelope Cruz confessed that they get “star-struck” whenever they meet Meryl Streep.

 The 44-year-old Jessica, and Spanish actress, 47, while on the CBS show to promote their forthcoming movie The 355, admitted to James Corden, the show host, that Meryl Streep is still one of the stars who got them nervous.

“With Meryl Streep, I am obsessed with her and she knows it”, Penelope Cruz said. “the first time she met her, she was shy, but that Meryl was affectionate so she reciprocated”, she said.

“Every time I see her after that I hug her and kiss her a thousand times” she added.

While Jessica, who appeared on the show in a navy-blue outfit, recalls an embarrassing moment she had with Meryl as she stated, “I was doing a play in New York and was shocked when I saw Meryl in the lobby. Then Meryl walked up to me in the lobby afterwards and told me I was wonderful in the play”.

“I literally didn’t know how to function,” Jessica said of being starstruck by the commendable actress.

Jessica revealed on the show that she gets awkward around the people she idolizes and thereby does not prefer to meet them in person.

“I said thank you so much it means so much to me that you came buh bye and I walked, like an idiot. I just don’t want to meet anyone.” continued Jessica on the awkward moment she had with Meryl.

Penelope, who was sitting in a white exclusive dress and Channel jewelry, asked the host, “if he had ever worked with Meryl.”

“She’s the worst,” Replied James jokingly, making his guest laugh. “Not a pleasant person.”

James recalled meeting Penelope, who is married to Javier Bardem, at the Met Gala. She said, “I kept trying to dance near James, but that he didn’t notice”.

James responded that he could not comprehend the clues as he was “quite the solo dancer”.

“When I get in the zone, when the feet take over, get out of the way,” said James. “It’s why I have never done Dancing With The Stars because I could partner myself.”

He also reminded Jessica of the time she joined him on vacation with his family saying, she was in charge of selecting the movies every night though, “that turned out to be a bone of contention between us”.