Jesse Williams made Broadway debut on March 10 during previews for the production of “Take Me Out,” a role he previously played on “Grey’s Anatomy”. While he expects a number of his former coworkers to show out to support him on April 4, Williams isn’t sure whether he wants to know in advance who is coming before the show’s formal opening.

“Chandra Wilson, who I was just texting with this morning, who’s a Broadway legend in her own right. I know Sarah Drew will be there,” says Jesse Williams who was asked to name a few former co-stars he expects to come.

“I’m sure a few folks will come out. Ellen will probably come out,” he added. He referred to Ellen Pompeo referring to Ellen Pompeo, the one who played the role of Dr. Meredith Grey for eighteen seasons on the hit medical drama.

Williams said that he may not want to know if his pals are in the crowd. His response was, “I don’t know if I want them to tell me beforehand or not,” admitting he was concerned that knowing might increase his anxiety.

“I try to turn that into excitement,” the “Little Fires Everywhere” actor said when asked about his nervousness before a performance.

It will be Williams’ first major endeavor since he left Grey’s Anatomy in May 2021 with “Take Me Out.” His character as Dr. Jackson Avery came to feel “increasingly safe, protected, insulated.” he told The New York Times in an article published Tuesday. He had no choice but to depart at that point.

On “GMA” Jesse Williams said that performing in front of the Broadway audience for the very first time was “like an insane drug” for him.

“It was really thrilling, really scary, really exciting… a lot of highs, a lot of lows,” he said.

At the Hayes Theater in NY City, “Take Me Out” is currently in previews.