American attorney and the President of the Liberty University Jerry Falwell has revealed that his wife had an affair with a young man. The young man was said to be a friend.

According to Jerry, he had forgiven his wife and they had moved on in their life but now the man is trying to blackmail the couple.

Jerry said that they had initially paid the man a huge amount of money but he was tired of paying him off now and wanted to reveal the truth on his own.

He also said that he had quoted the bible and made amends with his wife.

The Miami pool boy, named Giancarlo Granda, who was only twenty-one at the time of the affair. Granda completely denied the allegations and called them fake.

He said that he did not try to extort money. He further added that Jerry knew all about the affair and even participated in it himself. He added that Jerry is only trying to defame him and the actual reality will be out very soon.

Jerry Falwell stated that he was in no way involved in any affair. He was not a part of any inappropriate relationship. He called Granda’s story untrue and baseless. Granda has repeatedly stated that Jerry knew of the affair and was involved in it.

Jerry Falwell is said to be making a million dollars each year as President of the liberty university.

The university is a conservative Christian educational place and has suspended Jerry until the investigation gets completed. The university will, later on, decide whether Jerry will be fired or not.