After rigorous promotions for her upcoming film, Marry Me, Jennifer Lopez finally takes time out to “Live It Up” at Super Bowl 2022.

As the Let’s get loud singer continues to celebrate her new rom-com Marry Me, she decided to take days off from work to show up at Super Bowl 2022 with the American actor and her long-time boyfriend, Ben Affleck.

The popula duo was spotted at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California as the biggest football competition, Super Bowl 2022, started with Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams.

While the audience at the stadium got lucky to spot the couple living on the ground, fans watching from home saw the duo in the NBC highlights of the stars at the football ground. When the cameras panned at the Ain’t it funny singer before the match got started, she was spotted cheering up dancing.

“That big big #SuperBowl #HalftimeShow Energy”, said the songstress on her Instagram before expressing her support for Dr. Dre,  Kendrick Lamar,  Eminem, Mary J. Blige, and all the performers of the Super Bowl 2022.

The American singer donned a white button-down top paired with high-waisted pants and hoops and sunglasses for accessories for the first match. While Ben impressed his fans with a dark long-sleeve button-down top paired with jeans.

The Super Bowl fans were more thrilled to watch Bennifer on the field than how the Rams and Bengals fared on the ground.

“32% of Super Bowl viewers are only watching for the Ben Affleck – JLo cameos,” wrote a social media user on Sunday.

 “I…….. love J. Lo and Ben Affleck,” wrote another.

“Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are such a fucking hot couple!!🤤😍😍🔥” wrote a user on Twitter in reference to the viral video.

Meanwhile, the former MLB player, Rodriguez, who called off the engagement with the 52 years old singer in 2021, watched the show from a separate seat.

 “What a show! #SBLVI 🔥” wrote the ex-athlete on Instagram.

Before Bennifer attended the Super Bowl, the hot couple made headlines over the Golden Globe Awards winner’s early Valentine’s present.

“I am going to share something very special and personal with you that normally that I would only share with my inner circle,” wrote Jennifer Lopez on Friday beside a link of On My Way’s remixed version. “It’s an early Valentine’s Day present from Ben.”

The Marry Me star continued saying, “Watching it made me think about the journey of true love, it’s unexpected twists and turns, and that when it’s real, it actually can last forever. This seriously melted my heart.”