The former CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, desires to extend human life. The news was confirmed when he invested his money in a project that is working on reverse aging.

 It may sound bizarre, but surprisingly it is true. Jeff Bezos caught media attention when he made an investment in a firm that plans to build a massive clock in the desert that will tick once every century.

As per the reports received from MIT Technology, Jeff Bezos invested $200 million in a project that aims to develop advanced cellular programming technology that will reverse the human aging process. The study revolved around creating a genetic blueprint for the rest of the young generation. Yuri Milner, another billionaire is the founder of Altos Lab. He did not just support Facebook, Xiaomi, and Twitter previously, but one of the most potent investors of digital projects residing in Russia. Rumors have it that Altos Labs will be hiring researchers with exceptional expertise in genetics, reprogramming, and aging. 

As per MIT Tech review, Altos is luring professors by offering sports-star salaries of $1 million a year or more, plus equity . . . One researcher who confirmed accepting a job offer from Altos, Manuel Serrano, of Barcelona’s Institute for Research in Biomedicine, said the company would pay him five to ten times what he earns now.’

Spanish scientists have started experimenting in mice, Juan Carlos Izpisua Belmonte, a Spanish scientist revealed that they have achieved “Signs of age reversal” in their subject. They termed it as a potential elixir of life’.

The results received could be flawed as mice and humans are drastically different, but Jeff Bezos doesn’t invest in something he is not confident in. This is something he might have had in mind for years, as he wrote in his farewell letter to Amazon that ‘Staving off death is something you have to work at . . . if living things don’t actively work to prevent it, they would eventually merge with their surroundings and cease to exist as autonomous human beings.’ Or, as it says in the Book of Common Prayer: ‘Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

Jeff Bezos is not the only billionaire who invested in this technology. Still, Larry Ellison, Larry Page, and Peter Thiel have invested a significant amount in it – reports from Input Mag. The previous year, Thiel and Bezos put their money in the Unity Technologies project for producing anti-aging pills. Meanwhile, Larry Page made a massive investment in Calico, another startup.

Altos Lab is fully prepared for its new venture as it asked for Nobel Laureate Scientist help to be part of their advisory board. Even though the company is ready, the journey ahead is long and uncertain. Experts of genetics and cellular biology state that not just clinical human experimenting is far away, but product development is nowhere close to completion. 

While the success of the project is still obscure, Bezos seems to be fascinated by the idea of age reversing and looking forward to living a long life in good health.