Jay-Z, the famous rapper, joined Instagram and immediately racked up more than 1.6 million followers. His account got verified within hours of him joining the social media platform. It’s no surprise that Jay-Z got millions of followers immediately, but he follows only one person and that is his wife Beyoncé.

The 51-year-old business mogul was recently inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He has been in the news for all the right reasons recently.

Jay-Z debuted on Instagram by sharing the picture of the movie The Harder They Fall which is soon to be released on Netflix and is co-produced by the musician.

The famous rapper also put a story on Instagram where he started a countdown for November 3 when the movie will be released on the platform of Netflix.

Jay-Z has been raving about this project since he last attended its special screening in Los Angeles last month. He stated that it will set new milestones as it features for the first time an all-black cast.

Jay-Z said “I love to be a part of projects that widen the lens. Once it’s widened for us, it’s widened for Asians. For Mexicans. For everyone.”

He has been quite opinionated about the representation of blacks and blacks’ history. He has been working on projects that will shape up the black representation in different fields of life.

“[For years], one of the only things on public television was Westerns, every week, and we weren’t represented in those at all,” JAY-Z shared at the time. “In fact, our characters were taken from us. The Lone Ranger was based on one of the characters from this film.”

The Netflix film will be a debut as a director for Jeymes Samuel who has also co-written the movie with Boaz Yakin.

The film showcases how two men fall prey to the revenge of a king and they come head to head along with their gangs in order to outlive the other in the war.

The Harder They Fall also cast Regina King and Idris Elba in the supporting cast.