According to a news outlet, Eastenders’ Janine Butcher along with Steve McDonald will be appearing on the First Dates this month in a genuinely hilarious soap crossover.

As a part of the year’s Children in Need, one of the most iconic soap characters Janine- who is played by Charlie Brooks and Steve that was portrayed by Simon Gregson has shot a sketch for the pair dating in the First Dates restaurant.

Janine eventually turns to Channel 4’s hit dating program for her assistance with the search, as she was desperate to find love after having a stroke of rotten luck in Walford.

But, in an unexpected twist, she had an encounter with Corrie’s Steve- who married a staggering seven times and unwittingly found himself every time on the date while having a fiery personality.

The pair were also greeted by a welcoming and lovable French host Fred Sirieix who is also on hand for watching the turbulence on the blind date play out.

In the first scene, the pair share moments of some awkward introduction to each other at the bar, before Janine asks the partner Steve what he does for living a good life.

“Um, drive a cab – got me own firm,” Steve replies, with Janine exclaiming: “Really? My dad used to own a cab firm. But he was most happy when he ran the pub.”

At this point, Steve interrupts: “I used to run a pub,” and Janine says: “That is such a coincidence,” before ordering a vodka from the bar.

Soon after that, the topic of conversation between the two went into discussing their past relationship, where Steve states that he married seven times and with this, Janine looked quite impressed.

She then appears to take a sip of her drink and asks: “So you’re not afraid of a commitment then?”

And with the last line of the clip, Steve stated that: “Or the divorce courts.”