The father of a five-year-old girl who was killed in a vehicle accident has lambasted Wisconsin Democratic Party leader Janet Bewley for not contacting him after she was involved in the accident.

Brandon Fink lashed out at Bewley for not reaching out to him after the tragic crash in Pennsylvania, slamming the ‘great people we elect‘ for failing to do so.

The day before the crash that killed Alyssa Ortman, 27, and her daughter Khali, 70-year-old Janet Bewley had had cataract eye surgery.

Police say Bewley sped out of the Maslowski Beach parking lot at 12.30pm Friday and slammed into Ortman’s vehicle.

An accident involving two vehicles caused Ortman’s vehicle to spin across Highway 2 before it was struck by another vehicle driven by Jodi Munson, 45.

A medical examiner declared Khali dead at the scene, but her mother was taken to a local hospital, where she also eventually died.

Sen. Janet Bewley of Wisconsin accidentally ran her and her mother into oncoming traffic and killed them both, according to outraged father-of-two Fink, who has resorted to social media to complain. He wrote:

 ‘Wow… my daughter was taken from me after a US Senator, Janet Bewley for Wisconsin , hit her and her mother into traffic and to their demise.

‘Hasn’t even reached out… great people we elect.’

‘Hilarious, insanely beautiful, and a smart girl that had a drive for life that touched so many,’ Fink said of his daughter in a heartfelt tribute.

He wrote: ‘You lit up my life and gave me an ambition and drive I didn’t know was possible.

‘No matter what we just giggled out way through.. my life feels so empty without these giggles.

‘Nothing will make this ok. Nothing will make me feel better and no I don’t need anything.

‘I was supposed to get my daughter home here, at her house and be hearing silly stories about vacation.. instead I got calls from the funeral home… I turn on the Switch and a game of Mario Smash bros pops up mid battle that I will never get let you win.

‘I see the purse you got from Aunt Annie, half colored that you’ll never get to complete… and I see our Daddy Pig painting half finished that you will never get to complete and sit beside the Peppa Painting we did together so we’d have the Daddy and Daughter Pig.

‘You were/are just so incredible little Khali, Daddy misses you so flippen much and I just cant believe you were taken from me, we had so much planned and started that’s it’s so unfair you will never get to finish.. this just can’t be real.’

As of now, $1805 has been collected for Alyssa and Khali’s memorial, which will be used for their burial. The post also disclosed that Ginger, Alyssa’s mother, has experienced a second loss when her son Chris was killed by a drunk driver in October 2020.