Despite severe valid criticism, J.K. Rowling has shown time and again that she wants to stay relative, even if it’s at the cost of her remaining dignity. The Harry Potter author has recently taken qualms with Scotland, the country, yes you read that right, for allowing people who identify as women to be documented as such.

Scotland is considered one of the more progressive countries due to its direct laws and policies that help make the country more equitable for people belonging to all genders and identities. J.K. Rowling however tried to justify her stance of the “biological gender” in a recent tweet blasting the Scotland policy, saying, “War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Strength. The Penised Individual Who Raped You Is a Woman,” attaching a link to a The Times article titles, “‘Absurdity’ of police logging rapists as women.”

Because any kind of political stance has a wide variety of reactions from people belonging to all sides of politics whether that’s left, right, or center, this J.K. Rowling tweet has also received criticism as well as support from respective groups. One user replied to her tweet saying, “You literally have a castle and you spend your time doing this”

Meanwhile, our very own conservative clan did not let this very public moment go by without adding their own sentiments. Attorney for former president Donald Trump, Jenna Ellis responded saying, “Thank you. Truth is not partisan.”

Time and again, J.K. Rowling comes on TV or the internet to tell people how she believes trans women are not women, and being a woman is some kind of a sacred right that should not be allowed to people who want to identify as such themselves.

This has also reminded many people that supporting an artist’s work supports the kind of opinions they keep and promote to their hundreds of fan following. One user wrote, “JK Rowling saying the stupidest shit on the internet again today is a reminder that supporting harry potter still is considered a massive red flag by trans people, regardless of your nostalgia attachment to it.”

Political commentator, Lauren Chen, known for conservative propaganda, wrote unsurprisingly in favor of J.K. Rowling, “Thank you for calling out the insanity,” with another conservative  Ian Miles saying, “Based. Speak truth to power.”

One user shared an amusing take on the horrible opinion of J.K. Rowling saying, “you want me to be my authentic self. the thing that killed JK Rowling.”

Rowling isn’t the only globally known artist who has been under constant criticism due to her transphobic comments and opinions, The Handmaid’s Tale’s author Margaret Atwood and comedian Dave Chappelle have also recently been part of widespread criticism due to similar opinions, with Chappelle especially defending Rowling’s TERF take saying, “I’m team TERF,” in his Netflix special ‘Closer’.