Donald Trump will not go down without a fight and he has made that much clear to the American population. First came the false claims of victory, and then came the cries of corruption and the demand for recounts. To top it all off, Trump is now pursuing legal actions against the election results.

Despite Biden’s obvious lead, winning a total of 306 electoral votes, Trump has refused to transfer power to Biden and Michelle Obama is angry. In a lengthy post on Instagram, the former first lady called out the sitting President for his immaturity and encouraged him to step down courteously.

In her caption, Michelle took a trip down memory lane describing her and her husband’s personal experience with their transfer of authority. She stated that 2016’s election result had ended with an even closer margin between candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

The results had disappointed her greatly, especially because Trump had been spreading ‘racist lies’ about Obama. She wrote that these undignified rumors did harm her family and this was not something she was willing to excuse.

Yet she pulled herself together and put her rage aside only to preserve the sanctity of the American democracy. She expressed that the American voice has to be heard and respected, and as residents of the White House, it was their obligation to do so.

Obama and Michelle desired to depart from the White House the same way they had acquired it: a smooth and respectful hand-down of power. The couple provided Trump’s team with comprehensive reports entailing all they had learned during their tenure.

Michelle also mentioned inviting lady Melanie to guide her on what it’s like to be the first lady. Barack advised her on how to live a life in the public eye, adding that “none of this was easy for me”.

Michelle insisted that if one truly loves their country, they have to honor the electoral process regardless of its favorability. She highlighted that no one is entitled to the presidency, and for someone to act this way would put America’s political system in danger.

She concluded the post by urging American leaders and citizens to put their differences aside to support a peaceful presidential transition.