With each passing day, the Israel-Palestine conflict is becoming more and more brutal. Over 100 Palestinians have been killed, and nearly 1200 people have been severely wounded by the incessant firing by the Israeli police. 

Several Democrats are now pushing President Biden to intervene and adopt a tougher stance to put an end to the barbarities.

This ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict is amongst the worst yet, including the devastating 2014 war in Gaza. The violence ensued in East Jerusalem when Palestinians faced a round of fights with the Israeli police who had adopted tougher policies during the month of Ramadan and had started threatening to expel Palestinian families from the area.

Right after the fight began, Hamas targeted Israeli residents via multiple rocket barrages. In response, Israel initiated several airstrikes, leaving civilians to deal with the deaths of their loved ones. 

In response to the Israel-Palestine conflict, Biden vehemently condemned the violence and emphasized Israel’s right to put up a defensive stand. This earned a lot of disapproval from some of his party members, who wanted the President to address what they viewed as a ‘human rights violation’ by the Israeli police in Gaza.

Rep.  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez took to Twitter to post a snippet of the Israel attacks on Gaza, and stated that these bombings and killings were occurring “with the support of the United States.” She also addressed how the US had vetoed the decision for calling a ceasefire- implying that they are supporters of this violence. Moreover, Ocasio-Cortez went on to point a finger at the Biden administration; the government is still not standing up to put an end to this barbarity.

Numerous House Democrats have even sent a letter to Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, asking him to stop Palestinian eviction from East Jerusalem. In a conversation with the Wall Street Journal, Ocasio- Cortez declared how the state needs to take the onus for the “violence that we are supporting.”  A similar stance was put forth by Bernie Sanders, who called the administration to take a ‘hard look’ at the Israel- Palestine conflict and its devastating results on civilians, particularly, children.

Despite the growing demands of Democrats and other party members, the Biden administration is yet to adopt a ‘tougher stance’ on the Israel-Palestine conflict.