As the coronavirus spreads around the world, many people are searching for news to find out what is going on. In any case, starting from his command post in East Village, New York City, the Turkish-American Uluç Ulgen provided another method to study what was about to happen. Ulgen is the organizer of “Turkish Coffee Therapy”, and he is passionate about the outdated Turkish convention of studying the future in espresso beans.

Ulgen said: “When you reach the bottom of some kind of espresso, flip the cup over.” “When you flip it back, most of the time you will read these luxurious images, graphics, and pictures to understand your future View. “Usually, visitors will visit Ulgen in New York. Currently, he is accepting a guided espresso coffee arrangement and a virtual rich meeting, which is one of a series of online experiences from Airbnb.

The virtual adaptation of Airbnb Experiences integrates the explorer with nearby hotels. The highlights of Online Experiences come from more than 30 countries, with prices ranging from $ 1 to $ 40. The host who provides the virtual meeting has the opportunity to recover part of the salary lost due to the coronavirus; for customers, the encounter is an opportunity to interact with the new society. One month after the Airbnb interruption, the launch of the virtual encounter has already begun. Airbnb whipped between a disappointed client and a shocked landlord.

As the Covid-19 state of emergency unfolded, some travelers who were off duty due to pollution concerns found that they could not receive full discounts. In the beginning, Airbnb just extended its “mitigation policy” to some regions in China, South Korea, and Italy. On March 8, Tommy Mariani said: “In order for me to get the full discount, they said that the real state of Texas needs to record a highly sensitive situation.” When based on Austin’s celebrations When SXSW was canceled due to a coronavirus, Mariani only had more than $ 1,000 in Airbnb bills.

In response to customer dissatisfaction, the organization expanded its coronavirus response indefinitely on March 13 to enable more voyagers to meet all requirements for unpunished dating. Next, it was Airbnb’s landlord who complained that the organization overturned the cross-cutting method and made them pay the necessary rewards. Airbnb is not the main travel organization that brings actual encounters to the virtual world. The new online experience adds many opportunities for virtual travel, and these visits can be achieved through the goal of being shattered by the decline in tourism caused by COVID-19. At present, travelers can use Instagram to perform virtual sailing through Saint Lucia instead of traveling to the Caribbean.