We have never imagined that a virus contracted by one person in China can cause so much damage all around the world, but these are unprecedented times. We are now living something we have never imagined. The novel coronavirus is now a reality and the pandemic is wreaking havoc globally. But there are some questions that keep coming to our minds, like what we can do to avoid contracting the virus? How our bodies will react to the virus? And how many times we need to get tested to confirm that we are free from the virus, in case we contract the virus?

These are a lot of questions to cover in just one article and certainly, with an increase in the level of awareness about the virus, it can be assumed that people are now aware of how to avoid getting infected, what to do if they get infected. First of all, you need to wear a mask all the time if you are going out. You can’t control your interactions when you step out, but you can control if you will let the virus enter your body or not. Washing your hands regularly and properly is another step that you should follow. And finally avoiding going out unless there’s an emergency.

Every individual on this planet is unique and how their bodies would react to the virus differ. Researches have proven that some people will remain asymptomatic like Donald Trump’s son Barron Trump. Others may develop breathing difficulty, dry cough, sore throat, fever, etc. Some may even lose their sense of taste and smell for a long period of time others might get it back after the isolation period. If you think that you are infected, get it tested, and consult a healthcare provider immediately. While doing that, you need to isolate yourself in order to avoid contributing to the spread of the virus.

After testing positive, following the recommendations of healthcare professionals is a must along with self-isolation. Once you do that and wish to come out of self-isolation, you don’t need to get tested again to see if the virus is still there. But you must only come out of the isolation when you think that you are feeling yourself and there are no symptoms.