Tensions are flaring up across many countries as the leading nuclear scientist from Iran is assassinated. This will follow up with tension between the rival countries, pointing fingers at one another while Iran is gearing up its nuclear program.

Iran has been working under the radar on its nuclear project for years now. This must have been difficult for countries such as Israel as it threatens their existence in the region.

The assassination indicates that the people are still angry about the fact that Iran is not giving up its nuclear ambitions. Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, who was the main person behind Iran’s nuclear program, was assassinated.

Israel has been reluctant to give any comments on the news as this will tip off the Iranians to point fingers. This is going to worsen the situation in the region and the restlessness will echo around the world.

This news was spread around like wildfire as President Trump retweeted as well. He did not comment on the news yet, but the re-tweet believes that a great asset of Iran is forever lost.

This is an unusual way of responding to the news of this magnitude by the president. Israel is also reluctant to come up with any statement as this will affect their stature in the region.

The words of harsh magnitude were being used by the Armed Forces Chief of Iran himself. He hopes to seek revenge on whoever made this terrible attack on an important man.

The blame game already began within hours of the attack as it was narrowed down to the US and Israel. This blame was clearly stated by Trita Parsi, who is keenly looking into the situation of finding the potential assassinator.

This matter is of high significance as it will completely change the course of diplomatic relations between Iran and the US again. Under the Biden administration, new policies on diplomatic relations could have been underway, but the timing made it difficult.

This matter will certainly cause the future of the relations between the two countries to come to an impasse again. The possible relations with Israel are also in question after this attack.