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Would you be glad if we say, we finally have found the tool that will show you Private profiles’ content on Instagram? You should start celebrating because we have GOT one in mind!

Instalooker is a tool that is primarily designed to extract information from public and private Instagram profiles.

You find it on the web by typing ‘Instalooker com’ or just the Intalooker app on the search bar. Both, the app and the website are extremely quick and boast user-friendly interfaces.

Want to learn more about it, like how it works and what its best features stand it out from the rest? Scroll down.

Instalooker Highlights

  • It is completely free of cost
  • It does not have any hidden charges
  • It verifies your identity to fight against bots and spam.
  • It is 100% secure and safe to use
  • It doesn’t use any software
  • It has an integrated IP spoofer
  • It has 24-hours customer service
  • It uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to provide you with the best results.
  • It has a user-friendly interface.
  • Its website is easy to locate on the web.

What is the use of the Instalooker app?

As stated earlier, the website is designed for viewing Instagram accounts in an anonymous mode. In fact, the website claims to show you content, even of private accounts, without requiring you to follow them.

The tool enables its users to browse through Instagram accounts and even download posts, stories, and reels from there. However, users must provide accurate details of the account in order to get the exact results.

That said, to access private profiles on other social media platforms, including Twitter and Facebook, users need to have an account there.

The best part: One of the best things about this platform is that it filters all the fake accounts while searching for your desired profile. That means the chances are higher that you will get your required profile.

7-Steps – How to use the Instalooker Tool?

Here’s how you can use the tool.

  1. Open Google Chrome and type ‘Instalooker com’ on the search bar.
  2. In a bit, you will land on the website’s blue-colored home page, click on ‘Spy Now’.
  3. Scroll a little and find and click a white-colored search bar with a green-colored ‘Check Username’ option below it.
  4. Enter the username on the search bar as it is. (Note: if you think you will miss out on symbols or characters in the username, then copy-paste it directly from Instagram)
  5. Now click on the ‘Check Username’ option below the search bar to start the finding.
  6. After that, an Instagram link will appear and the tool will ask you to click that to check the profile. Click on it. (Note: Previously, it used to ask you for human verification if it still appears, tap on the option to verify yourself)
  7. Now you are free to check out stories, reels, and posts of that profile anonymously.

That’s how you use this tool on the web to view Instagram profiles without having to log in to Instagram.

How to determine the Username of the Victim Account?

It’s better to verify it from Instagram instead of guessing because usually, people use unique names for usernames and their actual names for the profile. So it is safe to check it on Instagram, and if it has too many unique characters, then copy it to your clipboard and paste it onto the tool’s search bar.

Instalooker Pros & Cons

  • ● Anonymous
  • ● Free tool
  • ● Lets you download content from Instagram
  • ● Legit app
  • ● Constantly updates every day for better performance
  • ● Lacks advanced spying features.
  • ● Doesn’t have any feature for Instagram direct messages.
  • ● May not show some private accounts

The tool legit works and finds you the exact profile you are looking for that too, free of cost. Very few free tools work the way Instalooker works.

Most of them just claim to show you private profiles but eventually take you to fill out the survey forms.

Is Instalooker safe to use?

We have been constantly asked to review this tool and tell whether it is a legit tool or a scam so here you go. Instalooker is a legit tool and has a vast user base.

 The trust score for the tool came out to be positive. As per the different data sources received from Alexa, the tool traffic is increasing with time. So yeah, it is scam-free and you can use it with a free mind.

Our Take on Instalooker

At you are free to browse any profile without caring about paying for it. However, for performance, we think there are a lot more other tools on the internet that do better as they offer to download plus editing features. In fact, some even offer to check profile analytics for business use.

Instalooker could be your best bet if your goal is to only watch content on Instagram. For more features, you can head to Picuki, Smihub, Inflact, etc.

5 Alternatives to Instalooker

Following are some close alternatives to Instalooker

1. Private Insta


  • Gives access to a private Instagram account
  • No human verification required
  • Lets you download content from Instagram

Priavteinsta is a powerful Instagram viewing app that gives access to private accounts without them knowing. It is easy to use and keeps your identity private. That said, you must know the username of the profile you want to stalk to get the results.

2. Gwaa


  • Gives access to private Instagram account
  • Anonymous
  • Tells you if someone has blocked you on Instagram

Gawaa is one of the best alternatives to Instalooker. The reason why we added it to our list is that it’s a secure and trusted application via which you cannot just view posts of private Instagram accounts but also see their activities on the app. For instance, their recent comments, likes, and followings.

3. mSpy


  • Private Instagram profile viewer
  • Anonymous
  • Price: 26.99/month

Well, it’s not just a private Instagram profile viewer but an overall hacking tool. It is compatible with all operating systems. How does it work? It spys on every activity going on the client’s device without them knowing. The host device won’t know that a suspicious app is downloaded on their device.

4. PrivateInsta


  • Private Instagram Viewer
  • Compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, and OSX
  • Requires survey

PrivateInsta is another jaw-dropping tool for viewing private Instagram accounts without creating one. It works well on Android, iOS, Windows and OSX.

 Even after watching stories, posts, and highlights of an account, it will keep your identity hidden. However, there is one downside to this app. Before downloading any post, you need to fill up a short survey form.

5. SpyHuman


  • Social media monitoring app
  • Paid solution
  • Allows you to keep track of the target device

SpyHuman is simply an amazing tool to spy on others’ activities on Instagram. Via this tool, you can check IG chat, reels, posts and stories of target accounts. Once you open this tool, you will find a lot of uncommon features that it offers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Private Instagram Viewers actually work?

While there are several Instagram viewer tools on the web, only a handful of them actually work. Picuki, Dumpor and Inflact are the good ones we have come across so far. Check them out here. We have reviewed them in detail.

How to View Someone’s Private Post without following them?

Apart from using third-party tools, you can try Google. First, open Instagram and copy that person’s username to your clipboard. Now paste it on the Google search bar and switch to Google images.

 This trick doesn’t always work, but it’s worth trying. We have seen so many people getting their desired results.

What is Instagram + +?

It is similar to Instagram but offers more features than our conventional Instagram. For instance, you can save stories or re-post pictures without using an additional app via it.

How long is Instagram Jail?

So many people ask how long you stay blocked on Instagram? Typically, when Instagram bans you, it tells you the duration of the ban. However, if it doesn’t, you can expect a couple of hours to four weeks. If you have been blocked by Instagram, then know that it won’t last for more than 4 weeks.

How to View a Private Instagram without a Survey?

As we mentioned earlier, there are very few legit apps/tools that actually work. Most of them end up showing survey forms to fill. That said, tools like Instalooker, Instaprivate, Instaxyz, and Picuki are a few most trusted ones so far. You can view private profiles on these platforms without any survey forms.

What is Private Instagram for?

Setting Instagram to private means only your followers can view your content. Even if you use hashtags in your posts, they won’t be visible to everyone. Non-followers have to follow you in order to watch your content.


By now, you must have learned how to use the Instalooker app. While the tool claims to show private accounts, it could be a scam like other Instagram viewers that only show public accounts.

Therefore, keeping other alternatives at hand is best to prevent mishaps. Now get back to your stalking mission and find the next thing to gossip about.

Note: Do your research before trying out any new app/tool

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