We understand the urge to peek into your class fellow’s account using an Instagram private viewer when you hear rumors that they have posted something false or weird about you. But is it an ethical thing to do?

With many privacy-breaching tools making the rounds on the internet, you might question their legitimacy or authenticity. While they claim to ‘unlock’ private Instagram profiles without them knowing, it still sounds like a suspicious thing to do.

This guide will help you determine the Instagram viewer legality and whether they work.

What are Instagram viewer tools?

Instagram is a public platform where you can watch anyone’s content free of cost. Besides influencers and celebrities, there are private profiles on the platform that only upload content into their safe boundaries, and that is when Instagram viewer tools come into play.

Apparently, Instagram viewers unlock private accounts without the target profile knowing. At least, that’s what their website claims. They don’t require you to create an account on Instagram to stalk public and private profiles on the platform.

Via these tools, you can view anyone’s content, including stories, posts, highlights, reels, etc., without revealing your identity.

How do Instagram viewers work?

These tools work through Application Programming Interface (API), enabling programmers to create a separate platform where users can watch Instagram’s content. For instance, the client just has to type in the username of their desired profile, and they will get relevant suggestions to choose from.

Most of these tools do not necessarily show private account information. They only help you find easy details that you can track on your own through a fake account. However, if it is for business purposes that you are stalking a profile, Instagram tools may prove to be effective in fulfilling marketing goals.

Instagram viewer legality – Are they legal to use?

Many people out there may find using these tools unethical, which is fine. Everyone is entitled to their own choices and decisions. However, as far as legality is concerned, these tools are legal to use in the United States unless they don’t harm anyone.

But again, you have to be very careful while choosing a tool for yourself. Some websites clearly state that they won’t be responsible for the actions taken using these tools. And such tools are most unreliable. Secondly, an Instagram viewer should not ask for your personal information, so if a tool asks for your personal details, there could be something fishy.

Reasons to not use Private Instagram viewers

Private Instagram viewers
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While Instagram viewers sound promising, you must think twice before signing up for them. You may not find your desired results but will lose your precious data. Below we have come up with reasons you should avoid Instagram viewers.

1. Private viewers don’t work

The top reason you should avoid Instagram viewers is that they never work. Considering Instagram’s strict privacy policies, and sophisticated API, no such tools can break through into private accounts.

We tested some aggressively promoted Instagram viewers. Not only were they inefficient in bypassing the privacy rules, but they were also deceptive and misleading. Once you enter their page, you will be stuck in an endless loop of survey pages that will neither take you to your requested account nor will help you get out of the survey form spam.

2. Your login credentials might get compromised:

We have personally witnessed some Instagram story viewer or Instagram photo viewer tools ask for your Instagram login credentials to let you in – Please avoid providing your personal information or login credentials to such types of third-party tools. They don’t guarantee your security, and in the worst-case scenario, they will use phishing attacks to obtain your credentials and take over your account.

3. An Endless number of surveys

Have you ever wondered why someone will let you use their tool for free? You don’t know, but you already paid them with your data. Remember that ‘when a service is free, you’re the product.’ In fact, TikTok also gathers its users’ data by learning their browsing patterns.

Free Instagram viewers lure you to come to their website, and instead of showing you posts, reels, or stories of your desired account, they bombard you with endless survey forms as if you will get your results after completing them, which is completely false.

Even after filling out dozens of survey forms, you will get nowhere. We have answered unlimited surveys just to see if they really unlock private accounts. Unfortunately, we were right.

4. No official tech websites recommend using these:

Another big red flag of these tools is that no reputable tech website suggests their usage. Try searching the topic on Google. You will find affiliate articles and independent blogs recommending these tools for commission. Still, you will hardly see any renowned tech website recommending its usage.

In fact, many tech websites have unmasked these tools and criticized them for invading others’ privacy, charging a high fee, and deceptive marketing.

Frequently Asked Question

Can you get in trouble for viewing an Instagram account?

Whether you use a tool or do it yourself, harmlessly stalking someone is not illegal but unethical.

Is private photo viewer legal?

Again, Instagram viewers are not illegal but can be malicious and untrustworthy. Be careful when you use one.

Is it safe to use private Instagram viewer?

If the tools don’t ask you to enter your credentials or fill out a survey form, it is likely safe to use.

Is it illegal to log into someone else’s Instagram without permission?

“Anything done without permission is a breach of the law.” just like it’s illegal to hack someone’s bank account, it’s illegal to hack their social media account as well.

What is considered illegal on Instagram?

Supporting terrorism, organizing crime, creating hate groups, offering sexual services, and buying and selling prohibited products are illegal activities on Instagram.


Instagram is a secure platform that respects users’ privacy. It constantly updates its privacy policies and algorithms to keep the platform more secure from third-party tools.

If you see any tools claiming to ‘unlock’ private accounts on Instagram, hover your pointer over the ‘x’ icon on the top right corner of your screen and click to exit the tool. While the tools are legal, you can lose your privacy and data.

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