Did you know that Instagram viewer tools provide access to public and private Instagram profiles without creating an account? Let’s get a detailed overview of what else the tools unlock and how they work.

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The urge to see who has viewed your Instagram videos or posts is REAL. Even if you don’t express it, it is written all over your face. But learning that Instagram doesn’t show who has watched your reels affects your motivation to make new ones.

What if we say we have a few workaround methods through which you can see who has viewed your videos and stories on Instagram? Luckily, in this article, we have discussed all the top Instagram profile viewer tools and other related apps via which you can see who has been viewing your videos secretly without liking them.

Top Instagram Video Viewer Tools – 2023

  1. InstaDP
  2. Picuki
  3. Smihub
  4. Instalooker
  5. IGLookup
  6. StoriesDown
  7. Qoob Stories

How to See Views on Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels
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We have a good and bad news for you. Which one would you like to hear first? We should go with the bad one first.

The bad news is that Instagram doesn’t show the usernames of the profiles viewed on your reels. Paid Instagram private viewer tools might help you with that. However, we do have a piece of good news for you. Ask what it is.

Instagram does let its users view the number of profiles that have viewed your reels. For instance, if you upload a reel on the app, you will see certain figures below the heart react icon after a few minutes. Those figures represent the number of people who viewed your reel.

Here is one thing that you must note. The viewers count won’t go up if the same user views your video 5 times. One profile counts for one view; this is the general rule.

Now you must be thinking, how would this help you on Instagram? Well, having a viewer count is in itself valuable information. This tells you how many people found your video engaging enough to watch it till the end.

Then with the help of this information, you can plan your content accordingly. Also, we have another good news for you (Lots of good news coming your way in this guide). Instagram lets you check who has viewed your Instagram stories. Scroll down to learn how!

Switch to Stories from Reels to Check Who has Viewed your Content

Since you cannot see who from your followers has viewed your reels, switch to Instagram stories and check how many people have checked your stories with their profile names.

In case you are wondering why you should switch to stories, hear this out. Stories are better than reels, as your followers find them more engaging. While reels perform better for increased reach, stories are convenient for your existing followers.

It offers your followers an easy means to check on your daily life chores without visiting your profile every time. With a substantial following, nobody would click on your profile to see what you have posted regularly, but they can instantly check your story to see your daily updates.

Steps to check views on Instagram Stories

If you have a profile on Instagram and you regularly post stories on it, here is how you can check views on your Instagram stories:

  • Open your Instagram account and head to your profile
  • Open your current story or post one if you have not uploaded any
  • Now after a bit, tap the story and tap ‘seen by’ at the bottom of your screen
  • There you will see the names who have viewed your story so far

Note: You can also check other people’s stories on Instagram without following them through Instagram profile viewer or Instagram story viewer tools.

Instagram Live Video Viewer

Are you one of those who want to watch live sessions on Instagram without wanting their name up among the viewers? Here we have a few workaround ways for you since Instagram doesn’t help in this regard.

Create a Fake Account

Create a spare Instagram account with a pseudo name and do all the hanky-panky stuff you have always wished to do via that account.

Change your Username

Using a different Instagram profile name can also help you hide your identity in live sessions. However, you can choose your own name for the username.

Watch it later

Another option is that you wait for the live session to end and watch it at a later time when the creator posts the live session on their profile.

View from somebody else’s account

Ask your friend or a sibling to let you watch the live session from their account.

Note: There are various Instagram photo viewer tools that also work on reels. But unfortunately, there is no tool to watch live sessions anonymously. So you must resort to these available options.

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Instagram Viewer vs. Stalking

Most of you must be excellent at stalking others on social media. But do you claim to be a bigger stalker than Instagram photo viewer tools? Think again if you think you do.

Via Instagram viewer, you don’t even have to shed a drop of your sweat by spending hours searching your desired profile. Just type in the name on the search bar to get relevant suggestions.

Secondly, some Instagram viewers even unlock private accounts that you cannot access by manually stalking on your own.

Another great benefit of using Instagram viewer is that it leaves no traces that you have stalked a profile. On the other hand, stalking by yourself might leave some traces and can cause one to get suspicious of your doings.

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Instagram Viewer vs. Follow

Should you directly follow a person on Instagram to watch their content or use a viewer, that’s a normal question that can pop up in anybody’s mind.

Well, both have their pros and cons. If you follow a person directly, chances are your request won’t get accepted because of privacy concerns. On the contrary, if you opt for an Instagram viewer, all your activities will be hidden from that person.

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Instagram Viewer Legality

While there are uncountable benefits of using an Instagram viewer tool, it also has a fair share of disadvantages that you better be aware of.

Firstly, an Instagram viewer can expose you to potential risk information leakage, such as your IP address. Even though most paid tools are secure and reliable, you must be watchful of the free ones.

Secondly, you must know when and when not to use the viewer to prevent legal issues. For instance, you should use the tool for harmless stalking that does not in any way negatively impact that person.

Additionally, businesses should consider using it for market research purposes like monitoring a brand’s reach, market share, online presence, etc. Besides that, the tool cannot be used for unethical purposes like malicious or illegal activities, as it could lead to legal ramifications.

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How can I view Instagram anonymously?

Following are the tools through which you can view your Instagram profile anonymously:

Can someone see how many times you viewed their Instagram video?

Fortunately, you can view your viewer count on your reels on Instagram. However, you cannot view the person’s name who has watched your reel.

What website can I watch Instagram stories anonymously?

While you can definitely take help from the above-listed Instagram viewers, the Anon IG Viewer is another great tool that shows photos, reels, and stories of other accounts. It’s 100% free.

Can you track who views your Instagram?

Whether you use a profile viewer tool or search for a profile directly on the app, Instagram doesn’t tell the other person that you have viewed their profile.

Can you tell if someone screenshots your story on Instagram?

Luckily, Instagram doesn’t notify the other person that you have taken a screenshot of their story.

Can you watch a private Instagram story?

No matter how many Instagram viewers claim to show you private accounts, barely any of them will live up to their claim. The definitive way to view a private account is only by following it.

Can someone see that I viewed their Instagram video if we are not friends?

Instagram only shows the number of users that have viewed a video. So if you have watched anyone’s reel, that person cannot know about it unless you leave a comment or like it.

Instagram video viewer – Verdict!

All Instagram video or photo viewer tools work the same way, with minor differences in the features. If you are looking for one, it’s better to consider our suggested ones as we have reviewed each of them in detail with their pros and cons.

Lastly, note that no video viewer can show you the viewers’ names on Instagram reels, even if it claims to do so. Play with the numbers and work on your reach.

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