Do you have any rough idea how many active users Instagram has? No? Well, the 4th biggest social media platform has a whopping 2 billion active users globally as of 2022. In a little over 2 years, the growing social media app has reached the mark of a billion, and the number keeps growing.

With this large audience admiring and using the app, many people gained interest in getting Instagram stock. If you want to know whether it’s worth it or not, know that somebody has said, ‘if there has ever been a good investment, buying Instagram stock it is’. With a brand value of a staggering 33.28 billion dollars, nobody would mind investing in this lucrative business.

If you are here to learn in-depth knowledge of Instagram stocks, your lucky day has come! Let’s get into the detail of how and where you can get Instagram stocks.

5 QUICK steps to buy Instagram stocks

  1. Find a broker
  2. Open your account
  3. Fund the account
  4. Buy shares
  5. Monitor your position

Does Instagram have stocks?

Instagram stocks would be infinitely successful if they had any. Unfortunately, as a trader, you cannot buy an Instagram share. Not because it’s high priced but because the platform doesn’t have any shares to sell. Instagram is owned by its parent company Facebook. That means, if you own a Facebook share, you indirectly own a share of Instagram – the hottest and most in-demand share of this century!

In 2019, the platform pulled in $20 million; at that time, it was projected to grow to $7 billion. Yes! We are talking in Billions now.

With the money rolling faster in the era, owning an Instagram share is like a dream come true for every investor.

How to buy free Instagram stock photos?

If you are looking for a clear-cut answer, then no. You cannot buy Instagram shares. As much as it hurts us, it’s true. But that doesn’t mean you should throw in the towel. As we said previously, you can indirectly get Instagram shares through Facebook. The largest social media bought Instagram 8 years back for $1 billion. Soon after the deal, Facebook offered 400 million shares of Instagram in an initial public offering, making it $38 per share.

The point of telling you all these details is that you need to invest in Facebook if you want to buy Instagram shares. And every investor knows that investing in Facebook is already a lucrative investment.

5 steps to buying Facebook Shares

Now that you know that there is no separate Instagram share and that it is merged with Facebook’s shares, let’s learn how you can get a Facebook share and become the wealthiest person in your friend circle!

Step 1 – Find an experienced broker

While you can do the entire thing yourself, getting a broker on board will help you seal the deal in the best possible way. When you decide to consult a broker, several factors come into play, like their fees, accessible markets, trading platform, and how convenient it is to open a brokerage account. Also, safety is the most important factor here. You should only get a broker from reliable sources.

Step 2 – Open a brokerage account

Once you have found a broker, the next step is to open a brokerage account. Opening a brokerage account is pretty much similar to opening a bank account and is usually done digitally. The length of the process varies from broker to broker. At some, it is as quick as opening a Gmail account; at others, it takes two to three days to perform background checks.

Step 3 – Deposit funds to your account

The third step is to transfer funds to your newly made brokerage account to buy those Facebook stocks. Initially, you need to transfer the funds to your broker. Typically, people opt for bank transfers to deposit their money into brokerage accounts. However, some brokers also offer payment through electronic transfer like PayPal etc.

Step 4 – Initiate the purchase

Now that you have the account, funds, and share target, initiate the purchase.  For that, you need to log in to your online broker, look for Facebook shares, enter the number of shares you want to buy, and click on the purchase option.

While placing an order, you will get the option to choose from different order types. For instance, if you opt for the market order, you need to buy at the actual market price. On the contrary, the limit order lets you specify the price of your choice at which you want to purchase the share.

Step 5 – Monitor your investment

Purchasing is not the final step. The real deal is to monitor your investments and make decisions accordingly. For instance, if you purchase the share intending to keep it for longer, you may need to participate in the yearly meetings and gather all the information and news about the company.

That said, if you plan to sell it at the increased price rate after a short time, you may require position management tools. For example, you can use the stop-loss to fix a price at which you want to trade your share to prevent further loss or set the target price of your choice at which you want to sell your share.

By following these three steps, you can become a successful trader. As of now, Facebook’s share price is 111.45 USD. However, the prices will fluctuate with time. So make your call when you think it’s the best time to.

Instagram Stock Price

Since we were getting many questions on the price of Instagram stock, we decided to clear it once and for all. It is impossible to determine the stock price of Instagram because it is not an independent company. However, you can invest in Facebook as it is the same as Instagram.

Instagram Stock Symbol

Again, there is no symbol for Instagram’s stock as it is not listed individually. That said, you can find Facebook’s stock on NASDAQ – American Stock Exchange with the symbol ‘$FB’.

While there is no symbol for Instagram, if there were any, it would be like ‘$INSTA.

When is the Instagram IPO?

Unfortunately, there is no IPO scheduled for Instagram as of 2022. Since Facebook owns the platform, it is not expected to go public. In 2012, Facebook had its IPO, which was said to be organized to raise $5 billion.

3 Best Trading Platforms in November 2022:

Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Apple, Microsoft, or Tesla, you can buy shares for any company by setting up a trading account with the help of an online broker.

Several stock trading platforms are doing their job with perfection. Here we have shortlisted a few from them to make your work easier.

1. Fidelity

Minimum Deposit $0.00

Stock Trades $0.00

Options (Per Contract) $0.65

Fidelity saves the spot as the number 1 online trading platform for being exceptionally accessible for beginners and handily dealing with individual customers. In addition, it provides extensive research on vast investment options as well as market commentary and news to help you with your trading strategy.

2. Ameritrade

Minimum Deposit $0.00

Stock Trades $0.00

Options (Per Contract) $0.65

Ameritrade is the second best on our list of best trading platforms. It offers helpful features for traders and strong tools for active traders. No wonder it gives a tough one to Fidelity. Note that Ameritrade was taken over by Charles Schwab back in 2020, meaning all the accounts on the platform will be transferred to Schwab. Together with their century of experience in trading, the joint mission strives to realize their traders’ investment dreams.

3. E*Trade

Minimum Deposit of $0.00

Stock Trades $0.00

Options (Per Contract) $0.65

We highly recommend E*TRADE if you are looking for a mobile trading user-friendly platform. On E*Trade, investors and active traders get usability and depth to help them get the best possible deal. In addition, it has an outstanding suit of research providers, making the platform the perfect fit for long-term investors. While its content may be less than Fidelity and TD Ameritrade, the ease of use will compensate for it.


What to do now? You must be thinking since Instagram doesn’t offer any stocks. Well, there is nothing to worry about because many other popular platforms like YouTube and Clubhouse don’t have any stocks. So what you should do now is get Facebook’s stock because owning Facebook stock is the same as getting Instagram’s stock. You have the road map to know where to start, so jump into it and conquer!

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