Life is small. Do what you gotta do so you have no regrets when taking your last breaths. That also means you should confess your feelings to your crush so they know how much they mean to you.

Very few people have this courage, and most of them are like you and me, who prefer to stay behind the curtains and stalk right from there without exposing themselves. If you are like us and have finally decided not to reveal your identity to your crush, you must know about Instagram live video viewer.

About Instagram Live Video Viewer

Unfortunately, there is no live video viewer tool specially designed to show you live Instagram sessions anonymously without creating an account. However, some Instagram profile viewer tools work 100% to show you Instagram posts and stories.

That means we do not have any dedicated tool for Instagram live video sessions, and we are on our own if we want to watch anyone’s life broadcast.

Are you feeling anxious now about how you will attend your crush’s live session this coming week? Maybe we have some workaround methods for you!

How to watch Live Sessions on Instagram Anonymously?

Live sessions on Instagram
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When you join a live session from your personal profile, the video host can see you have joined their session. In fact, if the live session is private, you may have to ask the host’s permission to add you to the session so you can watch and comment.

Since no Instagram viewer tool can help you with that, we have identified other ways to add you to the live session without revealing your real identity.

Method no 1 – Change your IG Username

Changing your Instagram profile name can help you to sort of hide your identity and watch the session freely. While it is not the safest method, it will work for you. To change your IG username, do the following:

  • Open your Instagram account
  • Head to your profile
  • Tap the ‘Edit’ option
  • Change your ‘Username’
  • Enter a new one that doesn’t indicate your real name
  • Tap the tick on the top right corner of your screen and confirm the changes

What are you waiting for now? Go and check how much you have missed it.

Method no 2 – Create a Fake IG account

Changing your username is a temporary solution. What if the other person gets suspicious of your username and decides to check your profile? You are doomed then!

Therefore, this is another trick for you to freely watch any live session without worrying about getting caught.

Follow these to create a fake Instagram account:

  • Open your Instagram account and head to your profile
  • Tap the hamburger icon on the top right corner of your screen
  • Tap Settings and then ‘Add or Switch Accounts’
  • Tap ‘Add Account’
  • Now you will be directed to create a new account, follow the on-screen instruction and create a new account.

Note: Don’t forget to enter a pseudo name in the name and username section. Once created, use your fake account whenever your crush start’s a live session.

Method no 3 – Use Anyone Else’s Account to Watch the Live Video

Since no Instagram story viewer or Instagram photo viewer can help you watch live sessions anonymously, you can ask your friends to help you out.

Ask your friend to let you watch the live session from their Instagram account. The host won’t recognize your friend, and you will be able to see the session worry-free. It’s a win-win, isn’t it?

Note: Just make sure they don’t know about your friends. Otherwise, there’s no use.

Method no 4 – Watch the IGTV

Luckily, Instagram provides its users with an option to share their live session on the feed for those who weren’t active during the session. That said, it’s the creator’s choice to save and share it to the feed or delete it.

If you get lucky and your crush saves the video on IGTV, you can watch it after the session end from your own account, as Instagram doesn’t know who viewed your IGTV.

Is there any Tool to Watch Live Sessions Anonymously?

Not sure, but there is this private Instagram viewer called Anon IG Viewer, which claims to show you live sessions anonymously. You can do your own research before trying out this tool.

Most Instagram viewers don’t live up to their word. So it’s important to check reviews and try them out to prevent security issues.


How can I watch a live video on Instagram?

When a user goes live on Instagram, their profile picture gets highlighted and appears in the stories section with the word ‘Live’ on it. Tap it to join the live session. Secondly, if you have turned on your Instagram account’s notifications, you will be notified when your follower starts a live broadcast.

How can I watch Instagram live without them knowing?

There are multiple ways to watch someone’s live session without them knowing. Here are a few of them:

  • Change your username
  • Use someone else’s account
  • Create a fake account
  • Watch after it’s ended and saved on the profile

Are Instagram live videos recorded?

Once your live session is ended, you can tap the download button to save the video to your camera roll. Note that only the video will be downloaded to your phone, and not the comments and likes.

How do you know who stalks your Instagram the most?

If you have a creator’s or business account, you can tell who stalks you on Instagram by

  • Checking your profile interactions,
  • Checking your views on Instagram stories
  • Checking your followers,
  • Using Instagram Insights
  • Using third-party Instagram private viewer (Note recommended)

Do people know you watched their Instagram live if you half-swipe?

Fortunately, Instagram doesn’t count as a view when you half-swipe a story on Instagram. However, they will know if you view the entire story.

Do live videos expire on Instagram?

After a live session ends, it is stored in your archives for 30 days. Only you can see and download them to your device within that time window.

Can someone see if you watch their live after?

Once the live sessions end and get uploaded to your profile, you can’t see who has viewed them. You can only check the views when the live session is broadcasting and not after that.


Instagram takes its user privacy pretty seriously. Even though numerous tools out there claim to show you private accounts, only a handful of them work. If you are eager to know what those tools are, check our related guides on Instagram Private Viewer, Instagram video viewer, Instagram profile viewer tool, Instagram viewer legality, etc.

Also, don’t forget to check out our Instagram viewer vs. stalking and Instagram viewer vs. follow guides to learn the difference between following and stalking on Instagram.

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