In this anguish of pandemic, certain people might cheer us up. Dr. Deborah Brix is a former Army Colonel and was famous in her fight against HIV / AIDS. She was a US representative for the global health diplomacy as well as US global AIDS coordinator. She is currently serving as White House Corona Virus task force.

Dr. Brix is taking over social media’s Instagram by her amazing sense of fashion. An account created by her fan Victoria Strout says that her fashion design is so apt that people are following her. The house hold name becomes a briefing woman for the white house in February and till then her fashion styles are catching eyes of people. Her different scarves during the briefings hit fashion industry as fashion icon. 64 year old Dr Deborah made more than 15000 followers on her instagram, processed by her super fan.

 Strout says that people love her ways of wearing scarves, her style is adequate and attractive. More and more people are following her and they also send heartfelt messages as if she was the actual account holder. The most people think that she is intelligent and consummate lady to give serious briefings for White House.

Not going away with her fashion sense, people are positive and glad that she is the active member of corona virus task force. While discussing in an interview she says that Trump administration is asking for hydroxycholoroquine and we are working hard to make sure of its use. Thus the level of seriousness provided by her makes more sense than any other member of white house. Not a panicking accent, she in her sweet words makes sure that people listen to her and follow them.

Dr. Brix is making her mark not only as a physician but also making more sense in her fashion design. The scarves she wears during the interviews and briefings from white house are catching her fans to simply follow her. Her attune voice and auspicious style brings shine in the eyes of her followers. She has made this pandemic, not as a rough and dull lockdown, more of a colorful and stylish way for those who are stuck at home.