Tool NameBest forWebsite
InstaDPViewing Instagram profile picturesVisit
InflactContent managementVisit
PicukiUsing Instagram anonymously without an accountVisit
4K StogramCreating Instagram account backupVisit
GlassgramWatching Instagram stories anonymouslyVisit
StoriesdownViewing and monitoring Instagram public accounts anonymouslyVisit

Have you ever wished there was a way to see private Instagram accounts’ displays in full size? Seems like your wish has come true!

InstaDP is a free online tool that enables you to see zoomed-in pictures of your favorite private profiles.

It is a third-party tool that enables you to enlarge Instagram profile photos. Want to know more about this tool? Tag along. We will give you a detailed verbal tour of this tool.

6 Top Features of InstaDP:

1. Shows Instagram profile photos in full size
2. Works on both, public and private accounts
3. Allows you to download profile pictures from Instagram
4. Lets you share pictures with friends and family on social media
5. It is completely free
6. It has a user-friendly interface

What is InstaDP?

Just like its name suggests, InstaDP/InstaDP story is an online tool specially designed to view Instagram profile pictures in HD quality.

Whether you have an Android or IOS device, this website works perfectly fine on both. It has a user-friendly interface on which people can check out anyone’s profile picture in full-size view in just a few seconds.

The tool runs an in-depth search using its advanced capabilities to bring you the exact profile you are looking for.

Do you know what surprised us the most? You can find out anyone’s profile even if you are not sure about their correct username. Just type their username, whatever you think they would have on Instagram and you will get all the relevant profile suggestions.

Why Should You Use InstaDP?

There could be several reasons why one would prefer InstaDP over other Instagram viewer tools. With over 1,393 billion active user-base, is it possible to easily find the profile you are searching for? We don’t think so.

First of all, not every profile on Instagram is public, you need to follow people in order to see their activities and posts. So how would you identify a person if he/she has a private profile and the same name as your friend’s? Well, that tiny profile picture won’t be enough to decide. This is when the InstaDP tool shines.

5 Steps – How to use InstaDP?

How to use InstaDP
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Via its dedicated options like InstaDP stories, profile pictures, Insta videos, and reels, it is capable of downloading every content in high-quality.

Thinking, how does InstaDP work? Following are the steps to download profile photos, videos, reels, and posts via InstaDP.

  1. Turn on your device and head to InstaDP com
  2. Navigate the search bar and type the username of the profile you are looking for
  3. Once the search is completed, you will be navigated to the results page, and select your desired profile from there.
  4. After profile selection, find ‘Full-Size’ option somewhere close to the profile picture and tap it once found.
  5. The profile picture will appear in full-size. Tap the download option if you want to save the photo to your device.

What can InstaDP do?

It lets you view and download the following content:

  • Instagram profile pictures
  • HD-quality Instagram photos
  • High-quality Instagram reels and videos with sound
  • Instagram stories
  • Instagram story highlights

Is IntaDP safe?

Fortunately, unlike other tools, InstaDP is completely safe to use. It uses an authentic HTTPS connection and does not require any ID password to log in.

Is InstaDP legal?

Until and unless you are not using anyone’s picture for the wrong purposes, it’s legal to use this tool.

Do you need any Software to use InstaDP?

InstaDP is an online tool and doesn’t require any software or app to download to work. Just go to its website and you can start using it.

What is the InstaDP Website?

InstaDP is an online tool that enlarges and downloads the profile picture of your desired account without messing with its quality.

The moment you type the username on InstaDP and press the search option, you will get profile suggestions within a few seconds of it. You can then open each user’s profile picture in full-size and easily determine if that was the same one you were looking for.

4 Steps – Download TikTok Videos via InstaDP

InstaDp brings exciting news for TikTok lovers. Via this tool, anyone can download their favorite TikTok videos to their devices in HD quality.

Here is how to use the tool to download TikTok videos.

  1. Locate the video you want to download from TikTok and share it using the share option
  2. Now copy that video’s URL and paste it onto the search bar of the InstaDP tool.
  3. Upon hitting the search option, you will get the video file links in the results.
  4. After that, you can simply tap download and save the links to your device for a later watch.

Why Download TikTok Reels?

Could you answer why you watch TikTok reels? Clearly, because you enjoy the creative and entertaining content that it offers.

When you enjoy something so much that you lose track of time, why not download your favorite reels once and watch them when you have spare time? Via InstaDP, you can do that all conveniently. Now share those funny TikToks with your friends and re-create them.

Will Users be notified if you download their content via InstaDP?

Luckily, InstaDP is one of those apps that keeps its user’s identity anonymous. That means you can download anything from profile pictures to TikTok videos anonymously.

Do you need to sign up to use the Tool?

InstaDP is a free tool and doesn’t ask its users to sign-up with it. With that, it is also clear that the tool is completely safe to use as it doesn’t ask for your personal information.

7 Alternatives to InstaDP

Alternatives to InstaDP
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There are other third-party tools similar to InstaDP that enables users to download Instagram content free of cost.

1. 4K Stogram


  • Anonymous tool to stalk private Instagram accounts
  • Compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux
  • It lets you download photos and videos on Instagram
  • Helps create Instagram account backup

4K Stogram is another tool via which you can check out private accounts stuff free of cost. However, it is primarily made to back up Instagram accounts. Users can run it on Mac, Windows, and Linux. Initially, it won’t charge users, but they need to pay to access advanced features.

2. Instander


  • Lets you download photos, videos, and IGTVs easily.
  • Private tool
  • Anonymous
  • Faster than Instagram

Instander could be taken as a modified version of the Instagram app. It allows you to enjoy content free of ads. However, there is one downside, it is only available on Android. You can think of it as an Instagram with a downloading feature.

3. Raider for Instagram


  • Download photos, videos, and reels on Instagram
  • Anonymous
  • Free of cost

It is a tool using which you can download pictures, videos, and stories of both public and private Instagram account free of cost. However, the app might ask you to enter your Instagram credentials to get access. So do it at your own risk.

4. Save from Web


  • Download and share content on the web
  • It improves picture quality
  • Reduces file size for large images to share easily

Save from Web is a bit more than just a content-downloading app. It enables you to share that cool Instagram stuff on a DVD and save it for later use. Moreover, it offers several features to optimize the downloaded content for sharing further. That means you can improve the picture quality of your downloaded image or video to enjoy it even more.

5. Social Unblock


  • Show Instagram profile photos in full-size
  • Download pictures on Instagram in High-quality

Social Unblock is the perfect alternative to InstaDP as it is mainly designed to open Instagram profile pictures in full-size. Via this tool, you can download anyone’s display picture on Instagram and view it in HD resolution.

6. Scralwer


  • Download content from Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, and several other apps.
  • Anonymous

If you don’t want to stay limited to just Instagram, check out SCrawler. It helps you download content not only from Instagram but from Reddit, Twitter, and several other apps.

7. Instagram Video Photo Downloader


  • Download Instagram videos in high-quality
  • Free of cost
  • User-friendly interface

Those looking for a dedicated tool to download videos on Instagram can check out Instagram Video Photo Downloader. On this free online tool, you just have to paste the video URL you want to download and tap the search button. Then download the video by clicking the downloading option.

So these were some alternatives to InstaDP that you can consider. However, we cannot vouch for their credibility. You have to check them on your own.

Wrap Up

While InstaDP may not be the best way to see someone’s profile photo on Instagram, it provides you with an easy way to spy on your rivals.

It is safe to use and doesn’t ask for your personal information to sign-up. That said, it may track user behavior on its website and use it for marketing purposes.

If it doesn’t seem trustworthy to you, you can try out the alternatives mentioned above.

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