Don’t you get pissed off if you find out that the person who recently followed you on Instagram unfollowed you and now stalking you without being added to your Instagram account? Such creeps don’t not only exist on Instagram but on every social platform.

Like you, we had always wished if there was a tool through which we would find who stalked or stopped following us. At least you are lucky because we did your part of the research and brought you a suggestion to fulfil your wish. Below is the detailed guide on Instalkr – an Insta stalker tool that not just let your stalk others’ profile but notifies you when someone unfollows or stalks you.

Instalkr – Top Features

Before we start boasting about the app’s exclusiveness and usability, first look at some of this app’s top features.

  • Free to use
  • Tells you who stalked you
  • Notifies when someone unfollows you
  • Tells you who blocked you
  • Show your inactive followers and unfollows them
  • Show stories anonymously
  • Gives access to deleted posts, videos and stories.

What is Instalkr?

The Instalkr is a web-based application that differs from other Instagram viewers because of its unique features. Unlike other Insta stalkers that only let you stalk profiles, Instalkr tells you who stalked you and lets you know when someone stops following you. It’s a rare feature that barely any Insta profile viewer tool provides. Apart from that, you don’t have to have an Instagram account to watch anyone’s stories or posts.

You know what impressed us the most? You don’t have to register yourself or login to anywhere to use this tool. It is pretty straightforward to use and doesn’t require you to sign-up for anything. Just enter the profile’s username, and your work is done here.

Important: Instalkr is quite honest with its users. Unlike other tools, it doesn’t promise to show private accounts’ content. You can only view public accounts’ content through this tool. However, ensure you don’t abuse anyone’s information, which can lead to severe consequences.  Instagram is taking strict actions when it comes to its users’ privacy. So, just watch stuff and live in the moment.

Unique Selling Proposition of Instalkr

This app’s unique selling proposition is that it tells you who has been stalking you in a matter of seconds. This helpful feature serves as a blessing when you want to know if any of your followers or random account poses a threat to you.

60% of women experience stalking on social media. With this tool, you can inform authorities about your stalker to be safe.

Apart from that, it works as a great tool for influencers who are building their career on social media and struggling to gain followers and keep track. If Instalkr wasn’t there, would it be even possible to track who has unfollowed you from your 100k followers? Try to do it manually, and you will know what the real struggle looks like.

How to Download Instalkr

Instalkr app is easy to download on your phone. Just visit the Play Store and search ‘Instalkr’ using the search bar. Unfortunately, the app is yet to be launched on App Store.

Another thing, you need to update your phone to 5.0 for the excellent usability of the app. Once you download the app, you can launch it on your cell phone and start using it.

How to use Instalkr App

Once the app has been downloaded, you will be required to log in to your Instagram account. After entering your credentials, you will be able to integrate your Instagram account with the app. This will help you keep track of things happening in your profile, for instance, who has unfollowed, or blocked you or how many likes and comments you have received from whom.

The dashboard is user-friendly. On the top bar, you will find your username, followers and followings. The space/bar below will be used to watch the content of other profiles anonymously.

Besides that, there are profile visitor options that you can use to view those who have recently viewed your content.

On the lower side of the dashboard, there is a feature, gained and lost followers. Via this feature, you can figure out which profiles are not following you back. For further ease, you can turn the notification settings for this feature on so that you will receive a banner notification whenever anyone unfollows you.

Subscription cost of Instalkr

No, we do not contradict the above statement that the app is free of cost. Instalkr is a freemium app. For those unaware of this term, freemium is a business model in which basic services are provided free of cost. However, the user has to pay to access the premium ones.

Instalkr’s subscription plans start from $2.49 and go up to $15.99. Its paid plans are categorized into three tiers; weekly, monthly, and quarterly plans.

Its weekly plan costs $2.49. You can cancel the service within 24 hours before it gets renewed automatically. That means if you don’t cancel it within that time window, you will be charged for it regardless of whether you want to use it or not.

If you take the service for professional purposes, you will need to provide your credentials to your social media manager (if you hire one) because there is no other way around it.

Is Instalkr Legit?

Fortunately, Instalkr is completely legit and safe to use. Since many untrustworthy competing apps are listed on Google, their use is illegal in most countries. However, if you are someone living outside the US, then it is advised to cross-check if your country allows the use of such apps. Moreover, you should not worry about using the app because it doesn’t show private account stuff and breaches anyone’s privacy. So technically, you are doing nothing wrong. You are just keeping your identity safe.

Pros & Cons of Instalkr

While the app seems quite impressive to use, it has its fair share of cons as well. Below we have shared with you some pros and cons that we have encountered while using the app.

The app gets you quick results, in a matter of seconds, you will know who has unfollowed, blocked you or stalked your profile.

It will interpret the massive fluctuations in your followers and followings. It has a user-friendly interface It is flawless, fast, and highly efficient. There are no bugs in the app.

Hence it doesn’t crash randomly. It has a high downloading rate than its rivals. You can go anonymous and watch others’ stories.

You can also stalk anyone on Instagram without getting caught. Through Instalkr, you look at the bigger picture to reassess your content and strategy.   
You need to provide your credentials to integrate your Instagram with the app hence, costing you your privacy and security. You need to pay to unlock the premium features while most of its competitors offer them for free.

The app doesn’t change the statistics often. For instance, if it shows you that 20 people have viewed your profile, it will show the exact number even after a few days. It is not available on the App Store.    

Other Useful Features of Instalkr

If you are someone beginning to make their career on social media, Instalkr is the right tool for you. It tells you precisely which posts receive the most views and engagement to help you plan your content accordingly. You can get insights into which post gets the most clicks.

Via this app, you can identify who has been secretly admiring you by tracking the ghost followers. How may this help you with your engagement? Once you learn of the real accounts of your ghost followers, you can invite them to follow through with their official accounts to get more engagement.

Insider Tips

  • Get the basic membership that starts from $2.49 just to find out whether you should go for the premium ones or switch back to the free version.
  • Change your Instagram account’s login credentials before integrating it with the app and ensure that you have unique passwords for all your digital accounts.
  • Maintain a separate folder on your laptop to track your stalkers. Identify on a monthly basis if you are getting the same or variable results.

Doing so will help you secure your account and have a safe experience.

Wrap Up

Whether you want to track your secret admirers, spy on your spouse and kids or determine your post’s engagement, Instalkr is an all-rounder solution that will help you achieve all of that without any difficulty. Previously we have discussed other private Instagram viewers like Picuki, Smihub, Dumpor, Qoob, Instaxyz, Inflact etc. Try them out if you are looking for entirely free of cost tools.

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