Injured workers of a Kentucky Candle Company have pledged to sue the company for deterring them as the tornado approached the area.

According to the reports, the workers were “decimated by a tornado“. One of the attorneys representing the injured worker stated that the ‘factory is a modern-day sweatshop.’

According to the lawsuit, “as the tornado warnings came in, employees were told they’d be fired if they left the Mayfield consumer products factory.”

The lawsuit has also called out some serious allegations regarding the violation of the safety laws for workers as well as a “massive cover-up scheme” which is made up to protect the company.

A spokesperson of the company has stated that “the employees were free to leave anytime” and have declined the claims.

Governor Andy Beshear stated that “his office will thoroughly investigate the factory since it’s required to investigate any workplace deaths. Eight people were killed by the twister.”

According to the news, more than 100 people were working on holiday candle orders when the funnel leveled the facility. The extent of the damage initially stoked fears that scores of workers could be found dead in the rubble.

The company stated that the employees who survived left the site on an immediate basis and went home but the phone service went out of order which added more confusion as to who was unaccounted for.

Louisville Emergency Management Director E.J. Meiman said late Monday that authorities now “have a high level of confidence that nobody is left in this building.”

The attorneys representing the surviving workers stated that the employees plan to share their stories on different social media platforms as well as on a Live Gospel Radio Program.

Eight people were killed by the tornado and a total of 89 people have been reported dead across different areas of Kentucky with several still missing as the government is still analyzing the damage done in the state.