Indiana, a mom pledged to raise awareness against a group that allegedly murdered her son and got away with it by getting bailed out.

Dylan McGinnis was 24 years old when he was murdered by Travis Lang on 1st October 2021. Travis Lang has a record of being in jail multiple times for “possession of cocaine along with other felony charges such as breaking and entering, resisting arrest and burglary.”

Travis Lang has now been charged with murder.

The initial charges which were filed in December were cleared by Lang after he posted $5650 as bail funds. The Bail Project also paid a portion for his bail.

The mother of Dylan McGinnis, Nikki Sterling stated “she was shocked after finding out Lang was bailed out of jail by The Bail Project.”

“When I first learned about (The Bail Project), I needed to learn more about what their mission was, I didn’t know what they were doing. But then when I found this out, honestly, I was shocked,” Sterling said.

Nikki says that she feels it’s her job to raise awareness against this organization so that no other families have to undergo the pain that she went through after losing their beloved child.

“And then it became a mission for me to spread the awareness that there is an organization nationwide that is supporting violent offenders to get out and helping them get out of jail by bailing them out,” Sterling said. “But you know, if I can help prevent this from happening to any other family, then I would say that you know, my life has been purposeful and also carrying out the legacy of my son, who was always so helpful to other people.”

Sterling said her son lost his life while helping a friend get back on her feet.

“Just knowing Dylan and the kind of person that he was, in my opinion, most likely just did not want her to go by herself or be alone. He probably feared for her,” Sterling said.

“He was a great young man,” Sterling said. “He loved spending time with his family and friends the most. And also helping others. I think when we take a step back and we look at everything that he’s done and everything that we found out. You know, even at his funeral visitation, the stories that we continue to hear from friends and relatives was just how much he helped other people out of different situations, whether it be mental abuse or physical abuse from family.”