Indiana – A man who was accused of killing a Lyft driver after stealing his car has confessed to the heinous homicide he conducted on 30th June.

According to the police, Devin Powell killed the Lyft driver just before stealing his car which he had hired to attend a family function.

24-year-old Devin Powell confessed and was charged with the homicide of the Lyft driver.

Powell stated that he shot and killed the driver in a written statement submitted to the Indianapolis Metro Police here on Friday.

The Lyft driver was identified as Anthony Garland. He was 34-year-old and was found dead at the scene with gunshot wounds on his head and other parts of the body.

Devin Powell confessed to the investigators that he shot and killed Anthony Garland because he believed the driver tried to “screw him over and take his money.”

He had called Garland by using his Lyft account, the car was GMC Acadia 2013 in white color.

The documents stated that Powell allegedly turned over Garland and tried to grab money which made him impulsively shoot him multiple times in self-defense.

Powell also confessed that he dumped Anthony Garland’s body on the roadside and stole the Acadia.

Later on, he went and bought new covers for the car and vacuumed it completely. He joined the family function after changing his clothes.

On the other hand, Anthony Garland had already been reported as missing by his wife when he didn’t come home and was later found dead the next morning on the roadside.

According to the authorities, the vehicle of Anthony Garland was later on found in Merrillville, Indiana, and was in possession of Devin Powell which compelled the authorities to arrest him in connection with the disappearance of Garland.

The rideshare company, Lyft helped in solving this case, stated the police. It is expected that Devin Powell will be charged with robbery and murder both on a preliminary basis.