Four people were found dead in a home in Indiana after reports of shots being heard inside a house.

According to the law enforcement authorities, reports were made by the neighbors that shots were heard from a house located in northeastern Indiana.

The authorities responded to the reports at 9 pm along with medics who confirmed four people dead on the spot in Allen County, in the northwest of Fort Wayne Indiana.

The sheriff’s Cpl. Adam Griffith confirmed the deaths at the scene.

A piece of news released by the police authorities stated that they immediately arrived at the crime scene after the initial reports of gunshots being fired inside a house. The police officers entered the premises “after observing multiple people down inside the residence through a window.”

One person was found unhurt and was taken by the investigators as a witness.

Adam Griffith stated that the investigation about the deaths is in the preliminary stages but there is no danger to the public after the violent episode that shook the neighborhood.

The police released a news statement saying “they were not looking for any suspects at this time.”

The identities of the victims were not revealed to the press. It is still unknown whether the four individuals were related to each other or not.

It is expected that more significant information regarding the crime will be released on Tuesday.

The Allen county sheriff’s department is vigilantly trying to solve the case and has announced that the vital and additional information regarding the crime will be released to the press soon.

The crime rate hits a new high as 2021 draws near its end, the city of Indiana experienced one of the deadliest years in recent times. Despite the claims made by the government for curtailing gun violence, no significant betterment was observed across the country.