The world has been affected by the Russian invasion of Ukraine and Hollywood is no exception. There have been protests and condemnation of the Russian attack on Ukraine across the world of performing arts. The latest edition is the Independent Spirit Awards.

The hosts of Independent Spirit Awards Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally openly summoned Putin to go home, showcasing their support to Ukraine as Russia continues to bombard the country.

During the award show which was held on Sunday, Megan Mullally said “I think we speak for everyone here when we say that we are hoping for a quick, peaceful resolution. Specifically, f–k off and go home, Putin!”

“We hope Putin f—s off and goes home, and to that end let’s all join together with a Spirit Awards salute to Putin,” Offerman added.

“Great organizations are raising money [for Ukraine]. Please give what you can to give to the victims of this senseless act of aggression,” Offerman concluded.

On the other hand, Netflix revealed before the award show that it is suspending its service in Russia after the senseless military invasion of Ukraine. TikTok also joined hands with Netflix to terminate their services in Russia due to attacks in Ukraine.

Netflix spokesperson stated, “given the circumstances on the ground, we have decided to suspend our service in Russia.”

The online streaming service which was officially launched in Russia in 2016 further announced that it will be terminating all future acquisitions and projects in Russia. It will not oblige the free-to-air propaganda channels which is a mandatory requirement by the Russian media laws.

Russia launched a full-scale military attack on Ukraine on 24th February 2022.

The last few weeks have seen major festival organizers, industry leaders, musicians, actors coming forwards and condemning the attack as well as postponing and canceling future projects with Russia and the premises of Russia. Russia is facing sanctions and limitations from different aspects of life as the country undergoes severe sanctions from different nations. The football federation has also banned Russia from taking part in upcoming sporting events and league matches.