Shootings throughout the country have been rampant without much change, but statistics from Portland are specifically high, and different sides blame different people. Since last Saturday, 4 people have been killed in different incidents of shootings in the city.

One man was found in his apartment by the police with a gunshot wound in his leg, after being taken to the hospital the man later died due to complications. Jeff Ramirez, 35, Rodriquez Dramane Griffin, 35, and Dustin Norton, 41 were all found dead in the span of days between Saturday and today, along with another gunshot victim who authorities say could survive.

Last year, Portland set a new record of 1294 shootings in the city, which was down to 400 just two years ago. Granted that no particular amount above zero is good here, but a decreasing pattern is much better than an increasing one, and Portland seems to be going backward with continued high numbers. A total of 90 people were killed due to shootings and gun violence in Portland in 2021.

In an investigative report done by KGW, the reasons behind the increased numbers are stated to be much more complicated than people want to believe. Social media disputes leading to real-world violence, gang violence, robbery, domestic violence, disputes within the homeless community, and road rage are all cited as reasons behind the spiked gun violence. Additionally, most of the gun violence in Portland is carried out with an illegally bought or acquired gun; either bought through illegal means, from the underground gun market, or stolen, the police say.

The conservatives however believe the higher rates are due to low police morale after budget cuts and shortage in staff numbers. Fox News cites an “independent study” carried out by an “indep endent law enforcement investigatory agency” called the OIR Group providing the reason behind the high number of shootings. Meanwhile, since the Biden administration has taken office, they have promoted and presented additional resources and funding to the police department to “combat” the crime wave. The report apparently says, “The repeated references to a ‘lack of support’ from City government seemed even more acute than frustrations with protesters — and have seemingly contributed to a self-perpetuating dynamic of distrust and resentment. Such feelings are particularly focused against those in City government who are perceived to be ‘anti-police’ and therefore undermining to Bureau operations.”