A 28-year-old school teacher, Sabina Nessa was murdered while taking a short walk across Cator Park in London. She was off to meet a friend at a nearby pub in Kidbrooke, Southeast London.

The cold blooded murder has renewed the outcry regarding the surging femicide across the country.

According to London Metropolitan Police, Nessa had left her house shortly before 8:30 pm in the borough of Greenwich. It is believed that she was murdered during her journey across the park. Her body was found in a nearby community center the following afternoon.

The detectives say that she was on her way towards a pub in Peglar Square where her friend was waiting for her to join.

Detective Chief Inspector, Joe Garrity stated “Sabina’s journey should have taken just over five minutes but she never made it to her destination. We know the community are rightly shocked by this murder – as are we—and we are using every resource available to us to find the individual responsible.”

A family member of Sabina Nessa, Zubel Ahmed stated that the family is still in a shock and her death has left the entire family “inconsolable” and “devastated”.

Sabina Nessa used to teach at a primary school in the area of Lewisham, Southeast London. Zubel Ahmed said that she was “truly the most kind, caring person out there. I don’t understand how someone can do this, I really don’t. it’s a big, big loss to our family.”

The United Kingdom is still trying to come out of the rapidly increasing women violence cases across the country. Just six months ago murder of Sarah Everard, 33 in London; had sparked anguish and pain across the nation and the women demanded stricter measures to punish the culprits.

According to the Office for National Statistics, over 200 women were killed from March 2019 to 2020. And the Femicide Census declares that one woman in every 3 days is killed by a man.

The media has started to question once again, are the streets of London really safe for women to travel alone? The police have asked people to come forward to help if they were present in the nearby area at the time of the murder, in order to catch the culprit.