Tessa Blanchard was the first woman to become the IMPACT world champion. However, earlier this year in June the company ended her contract and took away her title. The two sides weren’t able to find a common ground on the terms of a new contract and, therefore, Blanchard decided to leave the company.

Blanchard also got involved in a controversy in January where several wrestlers talked about their struggles in facing racism and bullying. However, this did not play any part in her departure from the company.

Many of the women who previously worked with Blanchard spoke up against her. She was accused of misconduct, ill-treatment of colleagues and the use of racial slurs. Following the allegations, she released a statement to address the situation. She denied using any racist remarks and stated that she would gladly use her platform to fight against racism.

Blanchard was supposed to defend her World Champion title in July at the Slammiversary but ceased to do so after the termination of her contract.

Considering how incredibly talented Blanchard is, she is expected to be high in demand in the pro-wrestling community. She is, however, a very controversial figure which might turn out to be a hurdle for her in the future.

After leaving IMPACT wrestling, she has now entered the free-agent market which means her career is heading towards an uncertain direction. Moreover, the top companies of the wrestling industry, namely WWE and AEW, are reluctant to spend money having their business affected by the coronavirus. Several wrestlers were tested positive for the virus.

Blanchard would have proved to be a valuable resource for both, the AEW and WWE.  These companies can benefit a lot from having a professional like Blanchard who may aid in developing and strengthening the companies.

A WWE wrestler made a remark on their women’s division, claiming that there was a lack of equality and the real potential of the women wrestlers was not being realized.

There is no doubt that Blanchard is unparalleled in her talent. However, only time can tell if her controversial past catches up to her and whether it will affect her career or not.