A man who was a father of four and whose wife and children were all killed after their vehicle was stuck in a tragic head-on collision with a motorist going the wrong way has also passed away after succumbing to grave injuries sustained in the accident.

Thomas Dobosz, 32, of Illinois, was driving a Chevrolet van when it collided with a car at around 2 in the morning on Sunday on Interstate 90 in rural McHenry County, approximately 50 miles northwest of Chicago. Moreover, Dobosz was accompanied in the van by his wife Lauren, who was 31-year-old, and their five children, who ranged in age from 5 to 13 years.

Jennifer Fernandez, 22, of Carpentersville, Illinois, was going the wrong way on Interstate 90 for “unknown reasons” when she collided with Dobosz’s van, according to the Illinois State Police. The accident occurred while she was operating a 2010 Acura TSX. Upon contact, both automobiles were engulfed in flames.

Thomas Dobosz with his family

State troopers said that Fernandez and all of the passengers in the van were found dead at the scene, including Thomas’ wife, four children, and one other child who is believed to have been a friend of the eldest Dobosz daughter. Fernandez was found dead alongside all of the other passengers in the van.

Thomas was the only one to survive the collision; nevertheless, he was transported to Loyola University Medical Center with significant injuries and passed away on Wednesday as a result of those injuries.

Alan Wiedmeyer, a guy from Illinois, told Dailymail.com that he was on his way to a fishing competition in the early hours of Sunday morning when he was almost struck head-on by a vehicle that had performed an abrupt U-turn on Interstate 90 in front of him. Wiedmeyer was driving on I-90.

Wiedmeyer said that around 10 to 15 minutes later, he got messages from other people who were attending the event informing him that Interstate 90 was blocked as a result of two automobiles colliding and bursting into flames.

‘Immediately my mind went to the car going in the wrong direction,’ he said.

‘My heart just sunk, especially finding out that five kids had lost their lives,’ Wiedmeyer said.

‘I felt guilt too that I could have stopped it and hit the other vehicle before it got to them,’ he added.

‘I have a two-year-old of my own, and I couldn’t imagine losing a child in such a horrific accident.’

‘When you find out it is people you’ve known for many years, it kind of hits a little harder,’ Dobosz family neighbor David Moreno said.

‘Losing your family in a split-second like that is not going to be easy for anybody.’

‘My understanding is one of the eldest daughters had a friend with them,’ Moreno added. ‘I know it’s going to be devastating for the community just to know that it was somebody that people have known.’ Investigators are working to determine why Fernandez was traveling in the wrong direction in the fatal crash that caused another collision.