The police in Buffalo Grove, Illinois, think that a family man who was married and had two children is responsible for the deaths of four members of his family as well as himself inside their house last week.

The latest information was provided by Brian Budds, the Buffalo Grove Police Chief, after all five members of a family were discovered dead with “sharp force injuries” in what authorities had previously referred to as a “domestic-related event.”

In the most recent update, the police said that evidence found at the site, information from the investigators, and the examination conducted by the Lake County Corner all revealed that Andrei Kisliak, age 39, was responsible for the deaths of his family members.

They claim that he was responsible for the deaths of his two daughters, Vivian and Amilia Kisliak, who were ages 6 and 4, as well as his wife, Vera Kisliak, who was 36 years old, and his mother, Lilia Kisliak, who was 67 years old.

According to the Illinois police report, a dead animal was also discovered inside the house.

According to reports from Fox Chicago, Vera Kisliak had filed for divorce in July and had obtained protective orders in August and September.

According to Budds, one of Vera Kisliak’s coworkers made a phone call to the police on Wednesday, which resulted in the discovery of their dead bodies.

Budds chose not to comment on the claims made by nearby residents that law enforcement had visited the Kisliak residence sometime in the last month.

According to a statement made to the Chicago-Sun-Times by a neighborhood resident, she contacted the authorities in August due to concerns over the manner in which Andrei Kisliak handled the children. The investigation into the matter, according to the police, is still ongoing.