How do you check your ex’s pictures on Instagram after unfollowing them? Or you are too naive to do that? Well, that we doubt. Everyone who once had a boyfriend or girlfriend has this strong urge to spy on their ex’s activities after the breakup. But the question is still there, how do you do that?

Fortunately, there are now several third-party Instagram viewer tool available on the internet that helps you check out anyone’s profile within just a few seconds. That also means you do not have to follow anyone or have an Instagram profile to stalk them. IGLookup is one of those tools that doesn’t need human verification to perform profile hunting for you.

Below we have done a review on IGLookup as well as mentioned other similar private Instagram viewer tools that can help you view everything on Instagram free of cost.

What is IGLookup?

IGLookup alleges to be a private Instagram viewer app via which you can get into any Instagram account without creating an account on it. However, it plays bait and switch technique to bring users towards something else.

How does IGLookup work?

Basically, when you head to the website, the tool’s landing page will open. Upon scrolling down, you will find an easy method telling you how to use the app.

Once you are done checking out the page, click ‘Spynow’ written in a pink box. When you scroll down a bit, you will see a search bar with ‘Instagram Username’ written inside it. Here you will be required to type the username of the profile you want to stalk and then press ‘Access Profile’.

After tapping, a log window will appear pretending to be searching for your username on Instagram. After waiting for a few seconds, you will see your desired Instagram profile’s posts in good image quality. There was no survey and cost.

Is IGLookup a scam?

The real game starts when you search for another profile. When you search for another profile, the tool shows you blurred posts and arrows on the images to seemingly indicate that you need to click on those arrows to download the image. When you repeatedly click on the arrows, a pop will appear saying it detected a ‘bot like behavior’. 

A captcha box will appear to apparently check if you are a human. When you click the captcha box, the tool bombards you with a list of surveys and app install recommendations for continued access to the tool.

Our take on IGLookup

If you want a one-time thing, then using IGLookup might not hurt anything. However, neither it is reliable nor safe for prolonged use. So, if you are up for something shady, you better reconsider your options. Also, note that Instagram prohibits using such tools to protect its user’s privacy. If by any chance, Instagram detects you were using such bogus third-party tools, it might restrict your use or ban you permanently.

5 Other Instagram Viewer Tools

Don’t lose hope. IGLookup was not the only app to stalk Instagram profiles. We have several other genuine platforms where we can carry out the deed anonymously, free of cost and without any threat of hacking.

Below we have given honest reviews on other Instagram viewer tools. All of them provide their users access to private profiles free of cost.


Just like its name suggests, Privatephotoviewer is another third-party tool created with the aim of unlocking private profiles on Instagram. Its first impression is pretty good and you almost believe that the tool is 100% legitimate. However, when you start the search, that’s when things begin to go downhill.

When you press enter, the tool will bring your desired search results however the posts will appear in a blurred form. You need to click the captcha box to access the pictures. Once you do that, you will be taken to another page to fill out a survey form in a bait to unlock the photos. When you click on any of the surveys (which we strongly prohibit), you will find yourself in a rabbit hole of cyberattacks masquerading as survey forms.


Likecreeper is another so-called private Instagram viewer app that attacks unsuspecting users in the least expected ways.

When you go on the website, it asks you to type the user’s profile name. When you provide it with that information, it will search Instagram and get your desired results, however, at a cost. The next screen asks you to verify if you are not a bot which is apparently a trick to bring you to external sites to complete consumer surveys.

We recommend keeping off from such apps and canceling the page immediately when it asks you something shady. You can lose your precious data to some hacker in this spying profile game.


Surprisingly, Picuki is unlike other Instagram viewer apps that funnel you to external websites for their own good.

Picuki is an easy to use third party tool that enables you to stalk Instagram profiles anonymously. Just head to the website and enter the URL or the profile’s user name. In a few seconds, the app will show you that exact profile with options to download the posts in high quality. Apart from that, you can edit posts via the intuitive features that this tool provides. You can do the same with Instagram stories and download and edit them.

Picuki doesn’t charge its users as it earns through Google AdSense. So, stay at ease because this tool is not a scam. That said, the only catch is that it only shows public account posts.

Pikdo does seem to be masquerading as a private profile viewing tool. Instead, it appears to just round up metrics on hashtags and users. If the account you search for is private, it will let you know and recommends following the profile to check out their posts.


If checking out private accounts is your main goal, you can also check Smihub as it is another third-party tool solely made for this purpose. It allows users to stalk private Instagram profiles anonymously. Not just that, it gives you an option to download those pictures or stories to your device for later watch. If you are doubtful about the authenticity of the tool, you should know that it has around a 25 Million user base around the globe. That means it is safe enough for you too. To use this app, you need to:

  • Go to the website’s main page by typing (don’t worry if it appears with the name ‘Dumpor’ as Smihub was its old name.
  • Type anyone’s Instagram username in the search bar and wait for a few seconds.
  • The tool will show you all the people with that name on Instagram.
  • Click your desired profile, then watch their stories, posts or whatever you want. Click the download icon to download the content.


Surprisingly, the private account viewing tool does not live up to its claims. The only motive to mention it here is to make you aware of such bogus tools that can put your device at risk. You will instantly see the first red flag when the tool takes you to a different domain. Then you will see a live chat at the page’s bottom where the apparent users post sugar-coated feedback. Initially, it felt real, but you will instantly know that it’s fake as you move on to the next step. A dreaded survey will be thrown in your face to ‘verify’ if you are not a bot.

We won’t go further on how pathetic this tool was. Just avoid it altogether. It is a spurious tool, and you won’t get to view any private profile for sure.


Unlike the other tools that barely get you your desired results, InstaGrab is a great tool that enables you open and download videos and posts from private accounts. And yes, you don’t have to have an Instagram account to use this tool. The best thing about this tool is that you don’t have to perform any survey or check re-captcha boxes to verify that you are a human. Lastly, you need to copy-paste that particular post’s URL on the website search bar to download content. Overall, we would rate this tool 8/10. So, you should definitely go for it. It’s a legit private Instagram profile viewer.

Wrap Up

We should consider ourselves lucky, you know why? Because we get to see the era where there is a solution for everything. While it is a bit scary, it has paved the way for many to fulfil their goals. Lastly, we won’t encourage you to religiously use tools like Dumpor, Storiesdown, iglookup etc. Although some of them are completely safe to use, they breach users’ privacy, which is unethical. So, make sure you know your boundaries before you indulge in such activities.