Britney Spears finally speaks up! The 39 years old superstar addressed the court for the first time in years. 

Britney Spears addressed a Los Angeles superior court through a virtual meeting. She made her first detailed public statement regarding the long-running conservatorship. 

The conservatorship which started in 2008 has controlled the pop star’s life and it removed almost all autonomy from her life, practically. 

Britney Spears pleaded with the court to end the conservatorship. Spears took an openly stern and outspoken stance over the enforced conservatorship she is enduring for over a decade now.

Jamie spears; the father of Britney Spears, gained control over all aspects of her life after the singer struggled publicly with her mental condition back in 2008. From her performances to her finances and even her relationship with the teenage sons, he took control of everything.

Britney continued to work during this enduring time, performing and recording while producing platinum-selling albums and also mounting a very successful four-year residency in Las Vegas. Yet she had no control over any of the financial arrangements of these projects.

Spears took a bold step in 2020 when she filed in court for her father to be suspended from his role as a conservator as she refused to perform at all if he remained in charge of her career.

Britney Spears’ ordeal

Britney Spears made a lot of shocking revelations in her address to the court. In a 20 minutes long diatribe, she stated that her father Jamie Spears loved the control he had as a conservator. 

Lawyer of Spears; Samuel D. Ingham III addressed the court before Spears’ hearing stating that he would not interrupt her at all and wants her to lash out her heart.

Spears stated that “I want changes and I want changes going forward”. She exclaimed that she is at a healthy stage of life and no longer wants to be evaluated for her mental health. At another point, she stated “I just want my life back; all I want is to own my money and for my boyfriend to be able to drive me in his car, I want to sue my family”

In a shocking revelation she stated that she is not allowed to make her own decisions, for instance, she has an IUD (intrauterine device) inside her against her will which she wants to be removed. She wants to get married and have a baby.

At another point, she stated that she was given lithium against her will which shocked her mental capacity. Lithium is given to severe bipolar disorder patients and Britney didn’t suffer from it at any point in her life.

The administration of lithium also made her more depressed and she felt exploited.

On the other hand, Jamie Spears, father of Britney Spears and in charge of the conservatorship expressed through his lawyer that he is sorry to see his daughter in this state and so much pain. He loves her and misses her very much.

According to Spears’ lawyer, this was the final public hearing which Spears wanted on this matter. She wants all the proceedings to be sealed now.

The hearing ended without any resolution

The superior court judge Brenda Penny called Britney Spears exceptionally “courageous” and exclaimed that Spears had to file a separate formal petition to end the conservatorship before she can give out a final verdict. Britney will have to file for conservatorship to end and change her cate plan and request permission to have her counsel.

The #FreeBritney movement reignited the campaign along with the documentary which showed the harrowing side of the life she lived under the strict control of her father. 

Spears finally took a stand and voiced her feelings to end the conservatorship and get her life back.