Terrence Floyd, brother of slain George Floyd took to the media to describe what he was going through since the trial began against former police officer Derek Chauvin.

All eyes are on the high-profile murder case of George Floyd, as the case hearings continue. Floyd was killed in police custody, giving rise to the Black Lives Matter movement last year.

Terence Floyd, brother of George Floyd has been present in the courtroom since the trial began on Monday. He stated that it has been very intense, emotional, and surreal at the same time to be in the courtroom, and seeing Chauvin breathing in the same room.

He further stated that it was exceptionally painful to hear all the witnesses. It’s like they were reliving those atrocious moments along with him. It is too excruciating to go through those details over and over again but he was determined to endure it so that his late brother can receive justice.

Floyd’s sister Bridgett, refused to see the proceedings of the trial stating that she still can’t make herself watch the brutal video of her brother’s murder. She claimed that the defense’s argument about the possible cause of George’s death is baseless because the whole world had witnessed how her brother died within 9 minutes of Chauvin putting his knee on his neck

Floyd’s sister visited a Salvation Army Food Distribution Center in Minneapolis to honor her late brother.

Floyd’s family received a settlement of $27 million in March, in compensation for George’s murder.

The Floyd family has full faith and confidence in the jury. Terrence Floyd stated that he had put immense trust in the system and he was confident that it would not fail him and others who were looking forward to the final verdict of this high-profile murder case.

Chauvin’s trial will most probably last almost four weeks or more. Derek Chauvin is facing three charges including third-degree murder, second-degree unintentional murder, and second-degree manslaughter. Chauvin has not pleaded guilty.