A powerful and intensified storm is gripping the Atlantic coast- Hurricane Sam now has turned into a category 4 storm, the weather forecasters believe that, “The storm has peaked the intensity now”.

“Hurricane Sam is now located at 850 miles on the east-southeast coast of the Northern Leeward Islands – as per the US. Hurricane Center

Sam has now turned into a category 4 storm as it is currently sustaining itself at 145 mph. There might be some fluctuations in its intensity for the next few days and it will gradually weaken causing no damage to the suburbs. 

Video link: Tracking the Tropics | Hurricane Sam, other systems in the Atlantic

As per the forecasters of AccuWeather, confidence is growing that the storm will completely miss out on the US on a direct hit from the Hurricane, but the storm will likely make some strong moves in the surrounding areas.

The statement is also supported by the Miami-based hurricane center who said that Hurricane Sam was a very small cyclone, having high-speed winds that extended outward 30 miles from its main center.

As for now, there are no warnings or coastal watches were taken into effect, but Hurricane Sam can cause damage to the Lesser Antilles coast earlier this week, as per officials.

“Low wind shear and high water temperatures will continue to fuel the intense hurricane,” reported the AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist.

For this year, AccuWeather has predicted up to 10 more hurricanes while few of them will be of major intensity. This is mainly due to the changing environmental conditions. Already there have been 8 landfalls in the U.S, and more are expected this year.