Hurricane Ida – possibly the fifth strongest hurricane to hit America, has already started to show its true colors by its devastating journey on Monday. It is expected that it will be causing far more carnage than any other storm in recent times.

According to the reports, as many as one million citizens will be left stranded without power for almost three weeks in New Orleans.

A local of the greater New Orleans area stated that they are grasping all the resources beforehand to combat the deadly espionage of Hurricane Ida which is predicted to cause vast damage across the state. He even said, “it’s going to be a difficult life for quite some time.”

The federal government deployed as many as 5000 members of the national guard for potential rescue and search operations. Apart from that, there have been almost 25000 workers from different parts of the country being sent to New Orleans to work on the quick restoration of the power supply after the hurricane hits the state.

Looting and theft cases are being reported from Louisiana amidst the growing fear of hurricane Ida across the state of New Orleans.  A group of men was caught on a drone camera while they were robbing an ATM in the neighborhood of St. Claude in the outskirts of New Orleans. Another incident reported to the police saw various people looting a store in the state.

According to the police, the looters and the thieves are taking advantage of the disaster like the hurricanes and other natural catastrophes while they pursue their criminal activities. The pattern is very similar to that which was observed 16 years ago in the wake of the Katrina hurricane.

The mayor of New Orleans, LaToya Cantrell stated in a press conference that the police are cracking down on all the looters and they will be charged promptly regarding the felony cases and the hurricane Ida will not stop them from punishing the culprits. She stated “my directive has been very clear: lock ‘em up. We will not tolerate it and we have not tolerated it.”

The mayor further added “there is no widespread looting going on in the city of New Orleans. What we do have that’s widespread are residents who are being neighbors, who understand and exhibiting the spirit of humility, of empathy, who are cleaning up their lawns, and who are servicing their community. That’s widespread in the city of New Orleans, that’s who we are.”

The police chief Shaun Ferguson stated that “the department deployed a group of anti-looting officers and is working with the Louisiana national guard to protect businesses from looters.”

The city has already reported more than a dozen arrests involving looting incidents and Ferguson urged the people of New Orleans to report any such incident immediately to the police for effective action.

Ferguson stated “it is also incumbent upon the community to lean in and lean forward and say this is not the time. right now we are going through some trying times and we need to pull ourselves through this together.”

It is anticipated that the temperature would soar to about the mid-80s during Hurricane Ida time and because of the power outage, the residents will not have access to air conditioning. The government is urging the locals to brace themselves for the unforeseen future and work together to restore the power on an urgent basis.