Hunter Biden’s recently leaked video in which he can be seen with a prostitute reportedly telling her that Russians had stolen his laptop has sparked a new controversy. The video acquired by Daily Mail is of 2019 and Hunter Biden can be seen in the video revealing an incident to the unidentified sex worker that his laptop was stolen when he passed out in Las Vegas pool in 2018.

Biden said to the sex worker in the video which was then posted online that “They have videos of me doing this. They have videos of me doing like f—ing crazy [bleep] sex [bleep].”

The curious woman asked: “But how long ago did this happen? You said before—.”

“Last summer,” Hunter said.

It is important to note that another laptop of Hunter Biden managed to find its way to the FBI after he left it at a Delaware repair shop. However, the President’s son said that he does not recall doing that.

According to The Mail, this video was stored in that other laptop. Hunter Biden till now has lost 3 laptops content of which managed to create controversies that are going to haunt the Biden family.

It appears that the Republicans are not going to let go of this golden opportunity to criticize President Biden, his family, and the media.

Hunder Biden (naked) can be seen telling a sex worker that he’s a victim of Russian blackmail operations. The Federalist’s journalist, Mollie Hemingway, highlighted how the media has conveniently ignored the news to support Joe Biden. She went on to reassert the claim of Donald Trump and said that the media played its part in stealing the election – trying to revive a narrative that even Donald Trump hold no longer.

Mike Huckabee, Arkansas’ former governor, mentioned The Mail’s story in his tweet and tagged his fellow Democrats who were actively involved in Trump impeachment.

Lavern Spicer, a Republican, used this opportunity to criticize Joe Biden and said that how can a person steer a country in the right direction when he cannot raise his child. She questioned his parenting skills while taking a jab at the President.

The Delaware repair shop’s laptop also revealed some overseas business dealings through email – which didn’t get as much attention as it should have. A fact that made Trump furious.

We don’t know yet what more stories would come out of this laptop or the other two – but any new controversy amid the coronavirus situation is not ideal for the country.