Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden was under strict surveillance after the news of his tax affairs surfaced. His laptop was subpoenaed by the FBI and now there is an email suggesting Joe and Chinese businessman are ‘new office mates.’

This news can potentially damage the career of Joe Biden as a president as he will take oath the next month. It is causing trouble to Joe Biden as the transition process is already delayed.

Hunter Biden’s email indicated that there is a link between Joe Biden and the Chinese businessmen. He has been in the limelight back in 2017 as well because of his dealings with the Chinese.

He reportedly boarded the plane on an official tour with Joe Biden to China in 2013. And it is alleged that they made several successful deals with Chinese businessmen on that tour.

Joe Biden has been avoiding all the questions regarding his son’s activity in his campaigns. His reluctance to answer any question about Hunter indicates that there is something fishy going on.

It was so severe at times that Biden had to cut off several interview questions before they were even asked. He has been saying that his son is not involved in any criminal activity.

He has said that Donald Trump came up with these allegations to defame his family. He believed that Trump did not have any ground to stand on, so he is using this family card.

The right-wing media suggest that if it had been the case of Trump’s family, the news would spread like wildfire. Instead, it is about Biden’s family, and therefore it is not being highlighted by mainstream media.

Joe Biden has been quoting the media that supports him and believes that they are telling the truth. His son is innocent, and he is not being involved in any kind of criminal activity in America or abroad.

But investigations are going on against his son and there is no denying it. Although any department is reluctant to give out any statement on this matter as it will hamper the transition period.

It is not the first time that his laptops were subpoenaed by different departments and it has happened before. Hunter Biden’s counsel has to prepare a strong case if they want to survive these allegations.