In the United States of America, elections were held on 3rd November 2020 amid the coronavirus pandemic. This year’s elections have been quite uncertain and kept the US voters hooked to their seats till the very last minute.

There were two conventional rivals contesting against each other. President-elect Joe Biden representing Democrats locked horns with President Donald Trump till the very last minute.

Presidential debates held between the two candidates did not prove to be as fruitful as was hoped. Joe Biden was being constantly interrupted by Donald Trump and it turned into an informal battle.

At last, when the election results finally came in, they were in favor of Joe Biden. Democratic Party’s candidate beat Donald Trump by a huge margin and emerged victoriously.

When asked about accepting the outcome of the election before the results were announced, Donald Trump said that he will only accept the results if they are fair. As expected by most observers, Donald Trump did not accept his defeat and called the results fake.

Republican Party claims that they have been wronged in terms of voting and the elections weren’t fair. Hence, they demanded and paid for recounting of votes in various states.

The recounts have not benefitted Republicans as they were hoping, because a few hundred extra votes won’t cover the loss. Nonetheless, the recounting process has discovered over 386 uncounted ballots in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin is one of the key battleground states, which means it is a very significant state in terms of votes. Although, the counting of these votes will not help Republicans as much as they hoped, but it surely is something.

It certainly does help further the narrative of Republicans that the elections were not as accurate. The 386 unopened ballots were found under the already counted ballots.

When the ballots were found, it was said that it was a simple case of “human error” and nothing more than that. It was reported that these uncounted ballots were found on the fourth day of the recount process.

When asked, the election official Clair Woodall-Vogg said that the error took place because of new election inspectors. So far, in the process of recounting, Trump gained about 57 votes which are not so significant.

It is still unclear what will be the next step of Republicans as Trump still has a few weeks in the office.