Huawei is becoming one of the leading mobile companies with its newly updated phone accessories. The company announced the launch of its new earbuds.

Unfortunately, the images of the earbuds got leaked before the official launch of the product. The images were posted by a user of Twitter. Later on, the images got widely spread over the internet.

According to the leaked pictures, the earbuds will come in a variation of two colors. One-colour is greyish black with a shiny finish and the other one is pure white. Generally, the wireless earbuds have a round base but Huawei made a unique design with rectangular stems. The base is thick and sturdy enough to balance the bud.

Right above the rectangular base stem, the name of the company “Huawei” is printed in clear silver color. The manufacturer’s name is written in slightly bold font to make it visibly clear.

As per the specifications, the FreeBuds Pro is said to have the feature of noise cancellation. The buds are designed with delicate silicon tips that will make sure that the sound waves stay intact with no noise release.

The IR sensors which are primarily used to detect the wearing activity will be present on the buds in the form of black circles. Many people reviewed the IR sensor’s appearance saying that the size of the black circles should’ve been a bit small so they don’t give a popped-out appearance. They should have opted for a much sleeker look.

The upcoming FreeBuds Pro will come in a slightly different case than the previous one. The buds will be in a small case that will have a flat base. Previously in FreeBuds 3, the base of the bud case was round due to which the case couldn’t have stood with a proper balance on the surface. With this new case, the buds’ case can be kept standing on the surface without fear of falling.

The prominent features of Huawei FreeBuds Pro include Bluetooth 5.2, three embedded microphones, and noise cancellation technology. These updated features truly make it a must buy. The estimated price of these buds is 150 Euros. The company will sell them at a sale price in October.