How to unpair Apple Watch in 10 seconds
Apple Watch app > My Watch > All Watches > ‘i’ info icon > Unpair Apple Watch >  enter Apple ID > wait for data backup > it’s done!

Have you finally gotten the new Apple watch you have been eyeing since its launch? Great! We are guessing you are confused about how to unpair Apple watch and set up your new one, right?

Fortunately, the Apple watch is quite easy to set up than configuring iPhones. You can do it via two methods: First, through your phone and second, through the wearable phone itself.

Let’s check what these methods are so you can finally set up your new Apple watch and start using, already!

3 Things to do before unpairing the Apple watch

As we just said above, you can unpair the Apple watch via two easy methods. Both are simple and doable. However, before starting set up, you need to do the following things:

  1. Unpair your watch with the current device/iPhone
  2. Back up all your data stored in it

Disable Activation lock

3 Methods – How to Unpair Apple Watch

After performing those steps. You are ready to set up your new Apple watch via any of these two methods!

Method 1 – How to unpair your Apple Watch on iPhone (The short version)

Before starting to set up your new Apple watch, first, connect your iPhone and Apple Watch to their respective chargers OR ensure that each device has at least 50% of its battery’s capacity available.

Next, bring your iPhone and Apple Watch into close proximity. Instead of meters/feet, we suggest using inches or centimeters.

  1. On your connected iPhone, open the Apple Watch app.
  2. Tap the My Watch option and then All Watches.
  3. Tap the “i” icon next to your Watch’s name that is to be unpaired. Tap Unpair Apple Watch
  4. Choose whether to retain or cancel your cellular subscription for Apple Watches equipped with Cellular services & GPS
  5. If you want to connect your iPhone and Apple Watch once again, maintain your current plan.
  6. Remove your plan if you do not want to connect your iPhone and Apple Watch again.
  7. Tap to affirm that you want to dissociate the two devices
  8. If prompted, enter your Apple credentials to deactivate the iCloud Activation Lock on your Watch.
  9. Apple automatically makes your watch’s backup throughout the unpairing procedure. If desired, you may recover your data using this backup. Alternatively, you may start again without restoring the backup–the decision is yours.
  10. Following the unpair of your Watch, you will get the Start Pairing notification on your Apple watch.

Method 2 – How to unpair Apple Watch without your iPhone

  1. Tap on Settings > Go to General > Tap on Reset > Tap on Erase All Content and Settings on your Apple Watch.
  2. Scroll to the bottom and hit Erase All. Additionally, with GPS + Cellular devices, you may select to retain or cancel your cellular plan.
  3. If you want to repair your iPhone and Apple Watch, select the “Erase All & Keep Plan” option.
  4. Allow Apple to “erase” your Apple Watch.
  5. After erasing your Apple Watch, turn it off.
  6. Utilize the Find My app on a device that is logged in with the same ID
  7. Select the “Find My iPhone” application if you’re using the website.
  8. Select the “All Devices or Devices”
  9. Select your Apple Watch
  10. Now tap on “Remove from Account”
  11. Scroll down in “Find My app” and hit “Remove This Device”.
  12. Tap the x button which is next to your Apple Watch’s name on the webpage to delete it.
  13. If you do not see an option to delete it, ensure that your Apple Watch is turned off.

Method 3 – How to unpair stolen Apple Watch

If you’ve lost your Apple Watch, then you can indeed unpair it via your iPhone using a slightly different set of procedures.

Kindly follow these instructions sequentially. Before deleting it from the activation lock, always remove it.

  1. You can either use “Find My app” on your iPhone or a device that is signed in with the same ID
  2. If you’re using the website, touch to launch the Find iPhone application.
  3. Choose the “Devices tab”
  4. Select your “Apple Watch”
  5. Select “Erase This Device” or select “Erase Apple Watch”
  6. Confirm your selection by clicking “Continue” or “Next”, and then wait until Apple erases your watch.
  7. Once you’ve confirmed that you’ve deleted the watch, you’ll want to remove it from your Apple ID and iCloud account.
  8. Tap the “x” icon which is beside your Watch’s name on the iCloud Find My Website, to delete it.
  9. Select “Remove This Device” in the Find My app.
  10. Tap “Remove” to confirm that you wish to permanently remove the Watch from your iCloud account and Apple ID and disable the activation lock.
  11. Remember that when Apple disables Activation Lock on a device, you can no longer track it and others may connect the watch with another iPhone.
  12. Restart your connected iPhone if it is with you.
  13. Navigate to “Settings” and go to “Bluetooth”.
  14. If the Apple Watch is listed, choose it, and if you see the option “Forget This Device”, tap on it.
  15. Following that, launch the Watch application.
  16. At your screen’s top, choose the “My Watch” option and then press “All Watches”.
  17. If your watch is still visible, touch the “i” information button next to your Apple Watch’s name.
  18. Tap on “Unpair Apple Watch” and then follow the directions on the screen.

Should I unpair my Apple Watch?

There could be many reasons one should unpair his/her Apple Watch. For instance, if your phone is stolen or lost, or you are selling your Apple Watch, in that case, you have to unpair it to make sure no data is there to find.

Scroll down to learn how to erase data from your Apple Watch.

Does unpairing erase data?

Unpairing your Apple Watch deletes all data from it–but not permanently!

While unpairing, your Apple Watch does actually delete all data on it. However, when you unpair it using your iPhone’s Watch App, a backup of its data is generated immediately.

After that, you may connect a new Apple Watch or the same Apple Watch to restore the backup.

Thus, the device has been deleted. However, as long as you continue to use the Watch app on your iPhone, you will not lose any data because the Watch app creates a full backup of your data.

However, as discussed earlier, if you unpair your Watch while you are out of range or not carrying your iPhone, Apple will be unable to back up your Apple Watch to your iPhone. As a result, you lose any data generated since the last time you backed up your watch.

Does unpairing also delete text messages?

As with the last answer, when you unpair your Apple Watch, everything on it is deleted, including all messages—but just from the Apple Watch.

Whenever you unpair your Apple Watch, it does not destroy, erase, or delete ANY of the messages saved on your iCloud, iPhone or any other device that shares your Apple ID.

How do I unpair my Apple Watch from my stolen phone?

If your iPhone has been stolen or misplaced, you should follow the instructions in the section under “How to unpair your Apple Watch without your iPhone.”

Prior to beginning, visit Apple’s iCloud website and utilize Find My to designate your iPhone as Lost or remotely delete it using Find My.

  • Go to the “Settings” option and tap “Reset”.
  •  Now tap on “Erase All Content and Settings” and then “Erase all” on your Apple Watch.
  • The Erase All feature restores your Apple Watch to its factory default settings.
  • Pair your Watch with your replacement iPhone once that is complete.

Additionally, you may remotely wipe your watch through the iCloud website or the Find My app.

Because you did not use the Watch app to unpair your Apple Watch, you won’t be able to create a backup of your recent data and watch settings. Look for accessible earlier backups to restore to or reset your watch to factory settings.

How do you unpair an Apple Watch that you no longer have?

To begin, if you just lost your Apple Watch or think someone has stolen it, use the Find My app to find it or set it to lost mode.

If you’ve attempted to locate your missing watch but come to the conclusion that it is permanently lost/stolen, you’ll want to wipe it and unpair it from your iCloud account, Apple ID, and iPhone.

Erase an Apple Watch that has been lost or stolen

  • Open the Find My app
  • Select the lost Apple Watch from the Devices
  • Select Erase This Device

After deleting, reconnect your lost Watch.

  • Now open the Apple Watch app on your connected iPhone.
  • Select My Watch at the top of the screen, then press All Watches.
  • Tap Unpair Apple Watch after selecting your lost Apple Watch.

How can I determine whether my Apple Watch’s Activation Lock is enabled?

  • On your connected iPhone, launch the Apple Watch app.
  • Select the My Watch option.
  • Select All Watches from the menu bar from your screen’s top
  • Tap the “i” information icon next to the name of your Apple Watch.
  • If you can see Find My Apple Watch, your watch’s Activation Lock has been activated.

How to unpair my Apple watch and pair it again?

By using method 1 you can easily unpair your Apple Watch. For pairing it again, follow the instructions below:

  • Update your iOS on your iPhone if it’s not.
  • Turn on Bluetooth and check if your phone is connected to the internet
  • Press and hold the side button on your Apple Watch to turn it on.
  • Once done, a screen will appear showing that the Apple Watch has initiated pairing. Bring both devices closer
  • When your iPhone recognizes your Apple Watch, you will see it on your iPhone’s screen. Tap continue.
  • Next, choose ‘Setup for myself’ from the onscreen options
  • Now, using your phone’s camera, scan the animation on the Apple Watch’s screen to move forward.
  • Wait until pairing is done, and finish setting up your watch by following the onscreen instructions.


Fortunately, the unpairing procedure deletes your Apple Watch data, deactivates Activation Lock, and removes the Watch from your iCloud account.

Additionally, when you disconnect your iPhone from your Apple Watch, Apple generates your watch’s free backup. This backup may be used to recover the data on your watch.

Hopefully, this guide will help you unpairing your Apple Watch. However, if you have further queries, like why does your Apple Watch battery die so fast, how to use Walkie Talkie app on your Apple Watch, refer to these guides. They have everything explained in the easiest way possible.