Do we really need an introduction on Facebook? It’s one of the oldest apps that we cannot even recall when we started using. Over time, it has developed all those features that we needed the most and some that we didn’t know we needed—for instance, Facebook marketplace, Facebook news, groups and what not.

Like every other platform, creeps exist on Facebook as well and compel you to block them. However, since blocking straight away is rude, we have brought you the lesser rude option i.e ‘Unfollow’.  Facebook has this great feature where you can unfollow anyone annoying without kicking them out of your profile. It works similar to Twitter’s muting option. If you are interested in learning how to unfollow on Facebook, then don’t stop reading.

How to Unfollow on Facebook – Friends, page, or group?

Unfollowing on Facebook is as easy as deleting. However, it works differently on friends’ profiles and Facebook groups. For instance,

  • If you unfollow a friend on Facebook, you will be unable to see his/her posts on your newsfeed and they will stay on your friend list.
  • On the contrary, if you unfollow a group/page on Facebook, you will be permanently deleted from there.

So now that you know the clear difference between them, let’s head to learn how to unfollow friends on Facebook in a few steps.

How to Unfollow on Facebook via Desktop?

Once you have decided that you need to throw out that creepy anon that you randomly added once to increase your friend list, follow the steps below.

  1. Unfollow through post:
  2. Click on the three dots on the right side of the post
  3. Select ‘unfollow’ from the list of options that appears
  4. Facebook will give you a chance to ‘undo’ if it was done by mistake. Ignore it and the rest will Facebook manage.

This will help you to ‘unfollow’ a friend then and there, whose shares and posts you find weird.

  • Unfollow through profile:
  • Log into Facebook
  • Search the name of the person you want to ‘unfollow’ in the search bar.
  • Once his/her profile opens, click on the three dots on the right side of their profile.
  • Finally, click ‘unfollow’ from the drop-down menu.

So that’s how it’s done on a desktop.

How to Unfollow on Facebook via iPhone?

Since Apple holds more than 50% of the market share in the US, we will start learning the unfollow method on Facebook via iPhone.

  • Unlock your iPhone and open the Facebook app
  • Navigate the search bar and write the person’s name you want to ‘unfollow’
  • When the profile appears, tap the three dots on the right side.
  • A list of settings will appear under the ‘Manage’ section, choose ‘Following’ on the third.
  • Now there, Facebook will show you three options, ‘Default’ (your current settings), ‘Favorites’ and ‘Unfollow’. Tap on ‘Unfollow’ on the left side.

Another easy way to do so is by directly ‘unfollowing’ them through their post on the feed, just like we told you above.

That’s that. You have put your friend on ‘Unfollow’. Now Facebook won’t show you any posts by him/her.

How to Unfollow on Facebook via Android device?

To learn how to unfollow on Facebook using your Android device, follow the steps ahead.

  • Unlock your device and head to the Facebook app.
  • Type the person’s name on the search bar.
  • When the profile opens, go to ‘Friends’
  • Select ‘Unfollow’ from the drop-down list.

Alternatively, you can perform the action directly through their post on your feed.

How to Unfollow a Page on Facebook via desktop & cell phone?

Following are the methods to unfollow a Facebook page via desktop and cell phone.

  1. Search the Pages you want to unfollow:
  2. Open the Facebook app and tap the three lines of the ‘menu’ on the right bottom side of your home page.
  3. Under ‘All Shortcuts’ find ‘Pages’ with an orange color flag icon and tap.
  4. Now you will see options like, ‘Create’, ‘Discover’ etc. Select ‘Like Pages’ in the same line at the end.
  5. On tapping, all your Likes pages will appear. Now you can open each to unfollow.
  6. Unfollow the Page:
  7. Now one by one tap on each page to find three horizontal dots.
  8. Once found, tap on it and again tap on ‘Following’.
  9. Follow Settings will open and at the bottom of the list you will see ‘Unfollow’
  10. Tap on it and unfollow the page.

Now go back to where all the pages you have liked were listed by tapping the back arrow on the top left of your screen. Select the next page and do the same to unfollow.

How to Manage Your Feed Preferences?

If you want to make changes to your Feed, then you need to go to the ‘Follow Settings’ in the Manage section. Here’s how to do it.

  • Open the Facebook app.
  • Tap on the three lines on the right bottom side of the screen
  • Tap the gear icon beside the magnifying glass, above your profile name.
  • A page ‘Settings and Privacy’ page will appear, navigate ‘News Feed’ under the section of ‘Preferences’ and tap.
  • Inside that option, you will get four choices: ‘ Favorite’, ‘Unfollow’, ‘Reconnect’ and ‘Snooze’.

From here, you can customize settings like which friends you want to Unfollow’, which ones you want to reconnect with, or put on Favorites.

What is the difference between Block and Unfollow?

Both unfollowing and blocking have their own pros and cons. Therefore, their usage depends on the type of situation you are in. We have listed the difference between them so you know which one to use in which situation.

  • If you block someone, he/she will completely disappear from your Facebook, friend list, and profile. The person won’t be able to find your profile on Facebook nor can you send you a message.
  • On the flip side, unfollow is a silent tool. It will stop Facebook from showing you that person’s posts without letting them know. However, you both can access each other’s profiles anytime.
  • There is no way the person can tell you if you have unfollowed them or not. Whereas in blocking, the other person can immediately confirm whether you have blocked them or not by searching your name from their profile.

Hopefully, this guide has been useful to you. For a more detailed explanation and visually see how to unfollow Facebook, check out this video.


Where is the ‘Unfollow’ option on Facebook?

Go to that person’s profile, click the three dots beside the ‘Message’ option, tap ‘following’ and ‘Unfollow’.

Why are you unable to ‘Unfollow’ pages on Facebook?

Go to the page and tap the three dots on the side. Tap the option “Following’ and then ‘Unfollow’.

How to determine if someone has ‘Unfollowed’ you?

Unfortunately, you cannot tell if anyone has unfollowed you. However, there might be some third-party tools that can tell you that. We won’t recommend using them as it could be risky for your personal info.

Does the profile you ‘Unfollow’ know when you unfollow?

No. They cannot find out if you have unfollowed them on Facebook. However, you won’t be seeing that person’s activities on your feed.

Is unfriend different from unfollow?

Yes, unfriending is totally different as it removes the person from your profile. You can find each other on Facebook but cannot see each other’s private posts. On the contrary, when you unfollow, only you don’t get to see the posts shared by that person.

How to ‘Unlike’ Everything on Facebook?

For Facebook pages, yes there is a way to Unlike all your liked pages from one page. How? Open the Facebook app, tap the three lines on the right side, tap ‘Pages’, Now you have to select ‘Your Liked Pages’ from the above and all your previously liked pages will appear to be unlike at once.

How to ‘Unfollow’ a friend on the Facebook app?

Easy, just open your Facebook app and go to that friend’s profile, tap the three dots, select Following and tap ‘Unfollow’ on the left.

Can you ‘Follow’ someone on Facebook Marketplace?

Yes, and it is similar to how you do it otherwise.  For instance, if you are on the Facebook marketplace and want to ‘Follow’ a seller, tap on his name to land on his/her profile and then ‘Follow’.


Indeed, the Unfollow feature of Facebook provides a way to take a break from the toxicity of social media. In fact, you can filter your news feed from your toxic connections for 30 days via its’ Snooze’ option.