It’s enjoyable to read a book, look at your beautiful pictures, and watch videos on your phone. What’s even better than that? Putting them on a big screen for everyone to see! Screen mirroring allows users to wirelessly display the content of their phone on another screen, as used in presentations, conferences, or other scenarios where you require a bigger audience to follow through on something important in addition to displaying the content of a smaller screen on a larger screen.

However, a number of customers claim that this function terrifies them since it activates by mistake at inconvenient moments. Do you have the same problem? What if you don’t know how to turn off screen mirroring? Continue reading to learn how to turn off screen mirroring on a variety of different devices.

How to turn off Screen Mirroring on Android

If you don’t want to humiliate yourself in front of your coworkers or family, turn off screen mirroring on your phone. Here’s how to turn off screen mirroring on an Android phone:

The SCREEN CASTING or SCREEN MIRRORING function on most Android phones allows you to wirelessly show information from your phone on other devices. Simply swipe your finger north to south across your phone’s screen to, and then look for the screencasting icon, which appears as a box with the Wi-Fi logo in the lower left corner.

This function may also be found in the SETTINGS menu on your phone. Any YouTube video will have the same Wi-Fi symbol at the top of the screen, if you’ve ever seen it before.

Once you’ve located this icon, you can begin searching for compatible devices by giving it a single touch. Press it once again to END the search. This will guarantee that the phone isn’t linked to anything nearby.

Simply move the toggle button LEFT till it says “OFF” to turn it OFF fully. Only you will have access to it in the future if you decide to activate it this way.

How To Turn off Screen Mirroring on iPhone (Airplay)

It is possible to broadcast or mirror the screen of your iPhone or iPad to another device using the Airplay feature. Although turning off Airplay on iPhones is the sole way to stop it from reflecting your screen, the process is quite different for Android devices.

For older IOS devices:

Go to the home screen, choose ‘Settings,’ and then scroll to the bottom. Locate and click on the ‘General’ tab. Scroll down to ‘accessibility’ when the tab’s choices are shown. Choose “guided access” from the drop-down menu that appears as you scroll down the page. The ‘Mirror Display’ option has a slider in front of it when you choose the guided access tab. To turn off the mirror display, slide it all the way to the left.

For newer IOS devices:

From the home screen, choose ‘Settings’ and then scroll to the bottom. Then, scroll down to the ‘Airplay and Handoff’ section by clicking on the General tab. The ‘Automatically Airplay to TVs’ page will appear after you click on it. The three choices are: Never, Automatic, and Ask. Never is the only option if you want screen mirroring fully disabled.

How To Turn off Screen Mirroring on Samsung TV

Using the Samsung SmartThings app, you can stream entertainment from your smartphone to your Smart Samsung TV. Open the SmartThings app on your phone to turn off the function. Choose the Smart View Option from the homepage if you want to link your TV to your phone and other devices. Simply move the slider in front of it to the left to stop the TV from sharing your phone’s screen with it.

Instead, disable ‘Allow Sharing’ between your phone and Samsung TV in the settings menu. When prompted to allow sharing, choose NO to stop it. Disconnecting the connection between your TV and phone on the SmartThings app is another option for turning off screen sharing. For this, go to the Connection guide, Screen Sharing, and choose NO. You may also remove the SmartThings app if you want to.

How To Turn off Screen Mirroring on Sony TV

On your Sony Smart TV, go to the HOME menu by pressing the HOME button. Select APPS from the homepage. The SCREEN MIRRORING tab will be at the bottom of the list when you get there. You have the choice to activate or disable this function in this tab. Select Disable to turn it off.

Every screen-sharing connection is made via Sony’s Smart Connect technology. Disabling ‘Screen Mirroring Mode’ in the Smart Connect app is all you have to do for Sony TVs. You may also remove the app to prevent screen sharing from happening on any of the other TVs.